‘Hey Latinos, Fuck You!’ – Signed, The Palins & Me, Dakota!

“Golly, Mrs. Palin, you think we got enough wood to keep Mexico out?”
“Ha! I know I sure do.”
“What’s a Mexico?”

Just in case it isn’t crystal fucking clear that Donald Trump’s campaign runs on racism, here’s his word salad shooter letting her new son-in-law in on The Grift™ in exchange for forgetting all that stuff about Bristol probably cheating on him and no one knowing who the real father of her second baby was. Anyway, the important thing is you can buy your very own Border Wall Construction Co. T-shirt over at the Trump campaign headquarters disguising itself as a news site so people in your town know you’re just as shockingly white as these motherfuckers:

Never a dull moment 😂😂😂

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However, if you’re a PC liberal commie who doubts the power of walls, you can git out. Or wait for these idiots to die soon, which should be any minute now.


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