Samantha Ronson: Tell me that’s not a man, I dare ya

October 20th, 2008 // 62 Comments

This is a shot of Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson who DJ’ed a charity event in Washington D.C. over the weekend. So to the people who thought “When did Hayden Christensen go on a month-long coke binge?”: Close, but no cigar/post-op wiener.


  1. it’s a slow day at work…between the both of them, i counted* 147 freckles.

    *definition of count may vary and border on: looked quickly and made an uneducated assumption**

    **defintition of undeducated assumption may also vary and border on: stated REAL facts…and shit…

  2. ZZ Top

    I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  3. SHES A MAN MAN BABY! Ill tell ya what she looks like hell! hopefully things dont work out for her celebrity-wise. Because she doesnt deserve it, she deserves to get shit on by kittens and heavy, terribly large dogs. That samantha looks like a wide reciever, What An IdioT! Well, encase she does play football, you might as well get some Spreads. samantha ronson your Stupid. Shut up bitch. Idiot, Shit head!

  4. sam's ballsack

    while samantha may be dykie i bet she doesn’t even give oral. i’m sure lindsey is her lick slave. sick.

  5. Phlip

    look! it’s Blowhan and her ugly boyfriend… arrgh, my eyes!

  6. Bigo

    Look! Sam’s face has Lindsay’s vagina freckles from all that carpet munching

  7. bitingontinfoil

    Someone should bitchslap that stupid-ass m-f’g bugshit lame droop-scowl of whoeverthef*ckitis’ face! WTF is UP with that same dumb-as-shit pose?!

    Imange *that* lookin’ up at ya…..Ugh!

  8. poopforlunch

    And on top of that she’s not even a good DJ. In fact, shes a terrible DJ. Surprise surprise!

  9. cracka boy

    holy shit! she, he or it looks like a fuckin’ old coked out aaron carter! hahahaha!

  10. Shallow Val

    Not for nothing, she is potentially lovely and she hates is so she makes to stupid fucking faces. She probably hates the fact that she is the twin of a pretty designer. Boy, she really hates being a woman, man! Samantha, it’s ok to be pretty and stop letting that horrible red-head lead you by the concha.

  11. Wow…, she is pretty and gorgeous. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

  12. mappster

    i think they are both adorable.

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