Sam Lufti says Britney is getting treatment

Britney Spears’ pal/manager/leech Sam Lufti called into The View today and spoke to Barbara Walters. He told Barbara that Britney is in treatment and has been suffering from mood swings. Sam also revealed Britney has reconciled with her mother, according to People:

When those at the table challenged the veracity of Lutfi’s report, Walters’s response was, “I don’t know if anybody is telling the truth or not telling the truth.” But she noted, “He has been with her constantly. He seems to be enormously supportive.”

All of this is pretty convenient considering Page Six ran an article today about Sam’s three restraining orders out against him. One of them is from his former best friend Danny Haines who claims Sam was “more jealous than a lover”:

When Haines eventually cut him off, Lufti humiliated him, e-mailing naked photos of him to his family, friends and co-workers. He texted and called incessantly and, according to court documents, told Haines he hoped his sister would be “raped to death.” Haines says that in one e-mail to him, Lufti wrote of Haines’ mother that he hoped “Satan devours her flesh and bones” and he looked forward to the day when he would “p – – – on her burial.”

Then again I, too, equate enormously supportive with grave pissing. In fact, I don’t really see how you can have one without the other. Maybe it’s because I was raised by an undertaker with a heart of gold and a weak bladder. Who knows?