Ryan Phillippe is Quitting Acting

April 25th, 2011 // 42 Comments

You might be surprised to hear this, but Ryan Phillippe acts in movies. Or at least he did until this weekend when he told reporters at the Tribeca Film Festival that he’s tired of the paparazzi and is moving to New York to get away from them. I’m also assuming this was the exact moment the New York paparazzi took his picture forcing Ryan to rip off his hat and chew on it. Page Six reports:

“I think I’m going to end my acting career. I’m so introverted. I’m ready to be behind the scenes. I’m 36, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”
He said he is also tired of being tabloid fodder, probably because of his eventful love life. “I’m a good guy,” he pleaded to us at the Cinema Society after-party for his film. “I’m not that guy you read about.”

So, wait, if Ryan isn’t the guy I read about, who knocked up a random model and then started having sex with a wide-eyed taxidermy enthusiast? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Because this is exactly why I never answer the door. I ain’t ready for no kids.

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  1. Ryan Phillippe
    Commented on this photo:

    Today’s Hollywood zen question:

    How does one quit something they’ve never begun?

  2. alisa

    god he’s sexy

  3. God is Black

    Was he acting in the 1st place?

  4. Richard McBeef

    i wish i had amassed enough cash that I can retire at 36 with raging cases of herpes and genital warts from all the hollywood sluts i ran through.

  5. Rush

    His face catapults me back to the 90s, and not in a good way.

    Bye, Ryan. Go spend more time with your families.

  6. Fletch

    So what actually has he done? I thought he was just famous for being married to someone famous.

  7. Superficial Bitch

    I think acting quit him a while ago. Nice to see he’s finally caught up to it.

  8. Jessica

    Doesn’t matter what he does- so hot.

  9. Slut

    He used to be so hot . Now look at him. 36 with his beard. God, why couldn’t he stay young forever?

  10. These babyface guys have real problems, some like Leonardo Decaprio grow a beard to look older, then people get used to it and they get adult roels. Then there’s Ryan, who grows a beard that looks like pubic hair, and has to quit acting.

  11. abby

    he is seriously so fucking hot. omg.

  12. He and Amanda Bynes should co-author a book titled: “What You Won’t Be Missing”.

  13. Marceelf

    Is he trying to get out of child support for the most recent bun in the oven?

  14. thumper

    Great. I can’t wait to begin stop hearing about him.

  15. Jeremy Feist

    Apparently, he read Spencer Pratt’s new book, “How to Look Like a Pedophile: Your Flesh-Colored Beard and You.”

  16. I just want to rough every girl in the world

    Yeah! Let’s see how hot he is, when he ask, what will it be regular or premium…

  17. Hmmmmm

    I’m looking forward to seeing him and Amanda Bynes take the dramatic leads in Tremors 18.

  18. Donald Trump

    Oh Ryan – look at you. Pudgy, puby, and just tired. Time to give up the booze baby.

  19. He looks as if he still hasn’t gotten over having his knob polished by Reese Withersoon while simultaneously being chin fucked.

  20. Frank Burns

    Hey Phillippe, next time you shave, take on step closer to the razor! Ha!

  21. He looks like one of those pictures within a picture. I can’t tell if he looks like a really old young person or a really young old person, so confusing.

  22. anonym

    Fucking excuses. Paparazzi don’t even think he’s worth following.

    he can’t act worth shit ! That’s why he’s quitting.

    it’s painful to watch him in any movie. He’s not funny either, so I dunno how the fuck he was cast in the few comedies he did.
    When he did SNL, not one skit was funny.

    and you women like short guys like ryan?

  23. Alex

    I even heard from people in NY that he hit on them while married with kids. He’s a player!

  24. dotmatrix

    This is like Kim Kardashian saying she will no longer be of any benefit to society.

  25. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Is this a promise or a threat?

  26. Gene Siskel's Ghost

    Quit acting? I’ve seen a couple of his movies and didn’t know he’d even started acting.

  27. If it makes this guy feel any better, I don’t even know who he is. But I like how to avoid the paparazzi he hates so much he plans on moving to the OTHER entertainment capital of the country instead of ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE ELSE. Eye on the prize, man.

  28. TomFrank

    I still haven’t gotten over the time in 1998 when Anthony Hopkins quit acting. Or when he quit again in 2006.

    Isn’t he in the new Thor movie?

  29. the captain

    being a DUSTMAN is his new goal in life!!

  30. Chuck Bass

    Um..his ‘acting’ career killed his acting career.

  31. Veronica

    He’s just sick of sleeping with those insipid Manhattan debutantes.

  32. Lack of job offers is now called quitting?

  33. Ryan Phillippe
    Commented on this photo:


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