This Ryan Lochte Interview Single-Handedly Restored My Faith In Broadcast Media

April 19th, 2013 // 19 Comments
Ryan Lochte My Fox Philly
WATCH: Ryan Lochte On 'Good Day' in Philly

This really hasn’t been a banner week for anyone working in broadcast news (Mostly CNN.), so it’s encouraging to see two anchors reacting to the words somehow forming in Ryan Lochte‘s mouth with the proper level of professionalism they deserve. And by proper level I mean uncontrollably laughing so hard at the fact there’s no hope for the world they have to cut camera to compose themselves. There’s no agenda here, no sensationalism, just pure, honest hysterics over the absolute fucked future of humanity. It’s refreshing.


  1. cc

    Huh? Watersports…or was there something else?

  2. FattyFatty2X4

    This one gives Kim K a run for her money on the stupidity thingy!

  3. I’m a dumbass at night and a dumbass in the morning.

  4. Okay, so he’s as dumb as a box of bricks, but he has never appeared to be a jerk or a douchebag. He’s a lovable guy. I think whether or not a person is nice is typically a lot more important than if he or she is intelligent.

  5. Not sure a stoned swimmer should be litmus test for the future of the species. Couldn’t you at least go with Phelps? This day is depressing enough as it is.

  6. This makes me even more proud to by from Philadelphia.

  7. Marco Polo

    King of Turds

  8. That shit was funny!

  9. Obviously he’s dropped a few brain cells her and there…sounds like he has been living it up just a little too much at night.

  10. JK

    Drinking too much chlorine eh?

  11. Man, are these two hosts always this funny? That was great… it’s like The Superficial on TV, just with less swearing and racism.

  12. He will a great future in politics.

  13. He may be a dumb Jock Alpha male but Brown Sugar really digged him. Kind of guy a women would fuck their brains out and leave asap for a good breakfast. Its the 21st century..

  14. A crouton is smarter than him.

  15. anonym

    he looks like the biggest douchebag.

    he and stephen baldwin can compete for the crown

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