Here’s Russell Brand Stealing A Pap’s Phone And Then Throwing It Through A Window

Apparently doing nothing but yoga makes you the equivalent of a goddamn ‘roid addict, because here’s Russell Brand absolutely losing his shit in New Orleans yesterday by taking a paparazzo’s phone then chucking it through a window directly in front of other paparazzi that Russell will be surprised to learn have cameras that don’t stop working in the presence of flying mobile devices. Mostly because he’s an idiot who doesn’t realize this is the price for motorboating Katy Perry’s naked breasts for an entire year. The universe doesn’t just hand you those and go, “Oh, I’m sorry, does photography offend your delicate British sensibilities? Then, by all means, let me stop throwing awesome titties in your face and get right on that because you’re a junkie and deserve the best.”

Photos: INFdaily