Welcome To The Exact Moment Occupy Wall Street Became A Celebrity Fad

“Sir, you can’t just randomly sit next to me and stare forlornly into a camera. — Sir?”

I’ve remained pretty indifferent regarding Occupy Wall Street because despite it’s best intentions, it’s hard not to look at it as a bunch of hipsters (And now celebrities trying to look politically savvy.) with no clear message rallying against a system that’s already so fucking rigged in favor of the richest 1%, there’s literally no point in even trying which is exactly the kind of apathy that got us here, I know. Anyway… Fortunately Russell Brand showed up last night because if there’s anyone whose insight and guidance we need, it’s a British ex-junkie who can’t even vote in our elections. “It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t come down here and hear what these people ‘ad to say, now would it? I mostly just wanted to capture their words on video, you know? Not so much to show people, but just for the sake of knowing I captured them on video to per’aps view at a later date. Who’s to say, really? The important thing is later tonight, I’ll go ‘ome to me mansion and fuck Kay-ee Perry in a bed made out of bloody diamon’s. Occupy away, gents!”

Photos: Splash News