1. maybeee this is a third nipple? in which case (that is, in nipples’ case) I say the more the merrier!

  2. e-rock

    Dear Fish,

    I am starting lose interest again here. Seriously your killing me with these knockers. We get it, you like large breasts. You have been on overload here with this broad and Kelly Brook who are nothing more than a great pair of tits. WE GET IT. Now can you please give your female fans something else? If it helps, Im hot and have a great rack myself.


    The Great Tittied E-Rock

  3. ginger

    I’m thinking that looks like a mole, either skin-tone or covered with makeup.

  4. ultradev

    Dear e-rock,

    Please forward pictures to Fish for public review.

    All the guys

  5. the thing is

    @Ginger- THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. This guy calling it herpese must be a complete moron.

  6. Shane

    That’s Tinea Corpus, basically a fungal infection of the skin that causes slightly raised and mildly symmetrically bordered irritations. They do not itch, sting or burn and typically go away with a few applications of 2.5% Selenium Sulfide.

    It would require a scratch test and culture, but from a picture and only a picture it looks much like Tinea Corpus.

  7. suck it

    looks like warts

  8. ray

    she’s had that for years guys… even before she was famous.

  9. Alatte

    Looks like a keloid scar, happens commonly to women when they have moles removed, it’s basically just a build up of scar tissue.

  10. anonymous.

    Why would he divorce THAT? The cleavage on her is the best!

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