Russell Brand’s Banging Geri Halliwell

And possibly this guy. He seems old and prone to wheelchair use.

It seems like only yesterday we found out about Rihanna and Rob Kardashian, but already there’s a new random celebrity couple to rub it in our faces that the rich only bang the rich. Although, this one’s not hugely surprising considering Russell Brand would bang a hobo to kill time, but then again, he turned down Katy Perry’s money in the divorce, so I have no idea what Geri Halliwell’s doing here. Via Radar Online:

“Things are getting very serious between them — they’re a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past, but really got to know each other during the Olympics,” a source told the British paper.
“People thought Russell was joking at the time, when he said he had a crush on Geri all over again, but it was true.
“They just clicked — they have so much in common.
“He is spending so much more time in London just to be with her.”

GERI: Oh, Russell, you make me feel so young again.
RUSSELL: That’s nice. *crosses name off list* You wouldn’t happen to know where Baby Spice lives, would you?
GERI: Of course, why do you as- NO. You’ll never do it you, you know?
RUSSELL: I have to try.
GERI: Why?
RUSSELL: You wouldn’t understand.
GERI: Try me.
RUSSELL: … I’m a sex addict.
GERI: That’s it?
RUSSELL: What do you mean that’s it? I just had sex with a geriatric, you twit. How do you think that makes me feel? Inside my pockets is bloody rope just in case the sporty one’s a lesbian. A really, really strong lesbian.
GERI: I had no idea it was that hard for you.
RUSSELL: Well, I had no idea you went through menopause, so be a love and give me that address and we’ll call it even.

Photos: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News