Rupert Murdoch Attacked With Shaving Cream Pie. Ah, Britain…

July 19th, 2011 // 83 Comments

“I believe I’ll have child for lunch. Or perhaps a slice of that delicious dinosaur meat from the cellar. Hmm, yes…”

While explaining to Parliament how News of the World thought it’d be a great idea to hack voicemail messages of dead girls and the surviving families of terrorist victims, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch was attacked by Jonathan May-Bowles, a shaving cream pie-wielding assailant who forgot the most important rule of billionaire supervillains: Their Asian wives always know karate. You see, just before the pie could reach Murdoch – who literally remained unfazed the entire time (Read: He has a force-field.) – his wife Wendi Deng appeared out of nowhere, possibly even from a cloud of smoke just off-camera, and swatted the pie out of the dude’s hand before clocking him in the mouth. And just like that she’s become an international hero for saving the most-hated man on the fucking planet. It’s like watching Lex Luthor’s wife take a bullet for him and then throwing her a parade, that’s what just happened.

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  1. Ad Major

    It was Miracle Whip. Its called a cross-promotion, people.

      • Youdrink waytoomutch

        Nine one, chrome-dome! Have the wife run defense for you! Take your pie in the face like a man, you wuss…

    • “the most-hated man on the fucking planet.”

      I’ll take Things Only Deranged Lefties Say for 200, Alex.

      • hypocrite?

        “Deranged Lefties”

        I’ll take something only right wing nutjobs say for 300, Alex.

        Let’s see how long we can keep this going for!

      • Colonel Ingus

        @ Sn0t_BuBBLe


        Its funny to see/hear people try and belittle others when they dont even know anything about the subject.

        News Corp has donated more to charity in the past 8 yrs than 75% of the worlds countries. They have helped bring electricity to counties/cities that had none, have setup fresh water stations all over the world and done more than everyone that reads this WAY left leaning website will EVER do combined for the rest of their lives.

        Funny how emotional you biatches get about topics you know less about than a 3 yr old. morons.

        Its no wonder you elected a man based on the mere premise that you think should be the last one used for anything…race.

    • Venom

      You do know that they donate this money for tax write-offs rights?
      They also donate money so that when they commit criminal acts like this, simpletons like yourself will come to their defense just like this.

      Kind of like the cocaine dealer that hands out turkeys and pies in the neighborhood at Thanksgiving so his community perceives him to be a good guy.

      • Reading is Sexy

        Good one, Venom!

        ….and News Corp has plenty of money & influence. Certainly enough to get dupes to troll the internets to say good things about it in comments sections.

        Getting the government off our backs is useless if multinational corporations take their place. So f*ck off, Col & snot. Your opinion is worthless.

  2. someone ought to creampie that bastard, but up the ass

  3. Nikki

    this pisses me off. Murdoch was in the process of digging his own grave, then this retard forces the spotlight on himself. Murdoch’s blunders are now overshadowed by shaving cream. shaving cream? really?

    • “Digging his own grave” ??! I was listening to this on NPR a couple of hours ago and the brits were playing complete softball with this guy.

      Its really unnerving hearing the highest government officials of the land basically cowing to a businessman.

      • Nikki

        i mean, i guess the phrasing was off. when i was watching the conference, Rupert Murdoch was really blowing it. his son was acting as a human shield, protecting his decrepit father from his ‘selective memory’ and cringe-worth responses. this MP conference probably won’t do much, except put Murdoch in the public eye and represent him as the bastard that he is. but now we know what the headlines will be, and they will be relating to SHAVING CREAM, and not phone hacking.

      • cc

        Worse even than in America? I doubt that’s even possible.

        In either case, I would have hoped for an epoxy pie.

    • Drunk Driver

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Murdoch arranged that as a distraction. Now he can play the victim and be courageous for continuing with questions.

    • Louise

      You’re absolutely dead right and the reason for that is the politicians are up to no good themselves-probably thought he’d drop them in it. Louise Mensch remarked after that she thought Murdoch gave a good account of himself- no such thing.

  4. Ksurfiws

    Rupert Murdoch fucking rules. Take a lesson Fish.

    • kanyeisgayfish

      Yep that why Fox News is numero uno and CNN is desperately covering this story while CONTEMPLATING canning Piers Morgan after already canning Elliot Spitzer!!

      • nerg

        Er, you’re conveniently forgetting that one of his papers just went tits up and the editor has been arrested. He’s also the reason for Piers Morgan’s career in the first place, which should be punishable by death.

  5. Rupert Murdoch Wendi Deng Shaving Cream Pie Attack Parliament
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice O-face on the lady on the right.

  6. Venom

    The Devil.
    It is good to see this evil bastard’s demise.
    For the person yesterday on the Casey Anthony post that said karma does not exist, Murdoch’s travails are proof that it does.

    • Blumpkin

      HEYYY …its mister doublewide trailer venom (10k square foot mansion in your terms).

      Got that dialup connected off of your trailerpark neighbor huh venom?… just so you could get on here and put your 2 cents in on another person you envy…Way to completely fit the stereotype of wealth envy.

      Thanks for playing!!

      • Venom

        You can wish and hope I live in a trailer loser if it makes your life feel better, it won’t make it true.
        I just think it is hilarious that Republican losers like you think you are rich when in reality most of you are poor as shit and the wealthiest people are actually Democrats.
        That is why your kind if so selfish, because you can’t afford to give anything away.

        Common trait among Republicans, you are all miserable, greedy and angry, it really is a sad and pathetic way to go through life.

      • gut check

        Hey “Venom,” you idiot: I challenge you to come back to these posts in a few years. Hopefully you will see what an utter MORON you are right now. If you don’t, well, you’re fucked.

        This is Parliament in 2011? What a fucking JOKE. The U.K. is now officially third world.

  7. HackSaw

    I would hit his wife though.

  8. Carrie

    I can’t wait to see the spin Fox News puts on this. “Rupert Murdoch barely survives assassination attempt by foreign black gay terrorist.”

    • Gwen


    • kanyeisgayfish

      You really have never watched FOX have you? You cannot handle the truth while leaching your neighbor’s wireless.

      • Carrie

        Since when were we talking about truth? Or are we quoting “A Few Good Men” now? And no, I don’t watch Fox News. I prefer to be as well-informed as possible and considering the Fox News viewers are the most misinformed, I don’t waste my time on it. But you, my dear kanyeisgayfish, feel free to waste brain cells on it.

      • nerg

        “You cannot handle the truth while leaching your neighbor’s wireless.”

        Why, does piggybacking a wireless connection somehow insert lies into everything you read? Here’s a tip: Think it through before you type it into the little box…

      • Carrie

        nerg–Duh, of course if I leech my neighbor’s wireless, I’m a liberal twit who can’t see the Republican truths. Too bad I’m a liberal who pays all my bills and has my very own wi-fi. Have you seen his other posts on here? He’s cracking me up.

      • Burt

        I have, just enough to understand that it’s propaganda aimed at morons. It’s all about getting them to vote whichever way best serves Rupert Murdoch’s finances.

  9. Who's roughing who?

    I think I just fell in love with a billionaire’s wife. Do i have to Google for a different angle around here?

  10. stratacat

    So you’re telling me the lady in the white bowtie and coattails was NOT the one holding the pie?

  11. Neena

    Hey, she’s gotta protect her investment. Who knows what the pre-nup says? lol.

  12. Deacon Jones

    I wish he dumped a vat of of acid on this face.

    Nevermind, that wouldve been an improvement.

    I like how his pussy-ass son continues to sit down while he’s being rush, and goes “no, sir!” instead of standing up to protect his own kind.

    Piece of trash shit.

  13. Mark B

    I was totally waiting for Benny Hill to come up behind him and repeatedly smack him on the head.

  14. terry

    Who is the lady in the grey? Bitch got an ass like a motherfucker!

  15. terry

    That little Asian wife went straight out hood on that motherfucker! Damn! Wifey don’t play. Shit I gotta Goggle pixs of her and jack off to them.
    On another note, I hope Rupert gets shot and killed. Underhanded, greedy bastard.

  16. Beefarino

    He’s got a big deng for sure.

  17. Hellman's

    Your miracle whip is so effing annoying. For the love of god, if I close it once please make it stayed closed.

  18. chev70

    Me likey Dung Dong.

  19. alex

    This is nothing for Murdock. People are saying this is his downfall and he’s had this coming for a long time…blah blah blah.

    The reality is that the guy that blew the whistle on the whole thing just turned up dead a couple days ago and that “old businessman” as many have referred to him is a bad ass mo-fo that takes no shit from anyone. He know’s how to choose his battles and he’s patient like a fox. Smiling at you while inside he’s debating whether to have you feel the blade twist or make it completely silent so you never knew what hit you.

    I fear people that control more power than entire governments. And have more resources than many nations too.

    • Venom

      He wiretapped the former Prime Minister of England, Royal family members, 9/11 victims and numerous other powerful people.
      You are deluded if you think he is going to walk away from this.

      He is not even remotely close to being as powerful as you think he is.
      Bernie Madoff stole $60 billion which is far more than Rupert is worth and was extremely connected and they threw his ass in a hole for the rest of his life. Ditto Allen Standford and Raj Ratnam, the Enron guys etc etc.
      The days of being super rich and powerful and walking away free and clear went out the window a long time ago. You can’t even get out of a speeding ticket or DUI is your are rich and famous anymore.

      And ironically you know who is responsible for that? The media, which he plays a large part in.

      It has already started, in the UK Mr. Rich and Powerful is getting turned away from the best restaurants and clubs. No one wants to be near him and his political clout has evaporated. No one trusts him.

      • Burt

        “You are deluded if you think he is going to walk away from this. ”
        My guess is he believes he will because he was told so by News Corp.

  20. Boy oh boy, would I like to wipe that fucking dumb-ass smile off his rosey, fucking, cheeks!

  21. kanyeisgayfish

    Koolaid drinkers beware for you will be slapped in the face in 2012 . FOX NEWS WILL STILL REMAIN NUMBER ONE !

  22. Who's roughing who?

    This scandal is a win for internet users, as the New York Times were planning to charge for internet content. Following that, other renowned newspaper s would have follow suit. This will now have to take a back seat for one or two more years, till this blow over. Hooray!

  23. Kodos

    ..and, cue the Fox haters..


    YOU ALL HAVE IT…Yep. You do.

    Its ok, you dont know any better.

    Its not your fault.

    WEALTH ENVY…yep.

    Sucks to be you guys.

    • kimmykimkim

      Wealth envy, huh? I don’t envy anybody for their wealth, I have plenty of my own. Not that I’m rich but I’m also not an asshole which makes me pretty well off. I kind of feel sorry for you. You and those other fucktards up there coming here just to talk shit to the people who are posting. You’re a sad little piece of shit. What a pathetic existence.

  25. Rupert Murdoch Wendi Deng Shaving Cream Pie Attack Parliament
    Commented on this photo:

    Most hated man on the planet? God, you and people like you are infantile in your hatred of Fox news. This is a fucking gossip scandal, unlike the real scandal of firearms being smuggled into Mexico (by our OWN GOVERNMENT0, so that we can “track where they go”. Look up ‘Operation Fast And Furious’. That very real scandal would probably lead to Eric Holders lap, and possible to Obama himself. That kind of “scandal” has real victims-not a phoney excuse for liberal crybabies to high-five each other over the evil Murdoch getting his imaginary comeuppance.

  26. feminist barbie

    that is some gold digger love right there.

  27. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Is this the guy who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, or is that a different Rupert?

  28. hik

    his asian wife is hated in the us and china. shes an ugly whore who has sacrificed her youth for greed with aspirations to pull his dynasty from his first wife’s children.

    there are so many hotter asian women.

  29. hik

    for being a billionaires wife she could dress a lot better

    • MST

      For a billionaire’s wife she could look a lot better.

      Asian women all look the same to me — flat in the back and the front.

  30. kimmykimkim

    Rupert Murdoch is a real person? Hmm, interesting.

  31. welldoneson

    Nothing like public sector security, wherein your four-foot-fuck-all wife has to protect you. Must have been break time… now security will get a month off with pay for “trauma”.

    Oh, and the fuss about Murdoch is a fuss about nothing.
    Phones in UK all require a password and almost everyone
    leaves the original 0000 or 1234. This is just the idiot lefty
    media having a feeding frenzy over an old capitalist white man.
    Too fucking funny.

    • TomFrank

      Oh, I see. Phone hacking is okay because most people don’t set their passcodes. Got it.

      • someguy

        So when someone ‘hacked’ Sarah Palins email account because her password was too simple, that was OK, but when someone hacks a persons phone with a simple password it is not OK. I don’t think it’s OK that they did what they did, but you are a hypocrite.

  32. watson

    I hate how people start this political bullshit over this neutral shit. FYI, the decline of this country is caused by Democratic and Republican POLITICIANS alike, even our presidents. If you think most representatives, Democratic or Republican, give a shit about your party supporting ass, then I pity a fool. Just look at the economy. Keep up this divisive bullshit. Loopy lefty this. Screwy right this. Yet the top percentage of the country only sees one class worth giving two shits about: THEM. The problem is not our party registration fucktards, its the people running this country. We need to change the U in USA at this rate.

    Im a registered black Republican (I know) and I sure as fucking hell didnt vote for Obama or McCain. Why? They are politicians. They say what you want to hear and then screw you over. The whole system is corrupt. My faint hope is Ron Paul. But the GOP will find a way to bypass him yet again.

    • Venom

      LMAO at people like you.
      First of all your are a Black Republican which is retarded considering most of that party would love to put you back in leg irons and send you to work in the fields on a plantation. Don’t believe me, read the comments on message boards from Republicans, not particularly fond of blacks or Mexicans.

      And then you make comments about not wanting to vote for Obama or McCain because they are politicians. What the fuck do you think Ron Paul is? He is a politician. He is a Republican and he is a Congressman, and he wants to be President, you don’t get much more politician than that.
      Let me give you a heads up, you cannot be President, or a senator or a congressman or a governor unless you are a politician. It is impossible.

      • watson

        Umm, Venom I have seen many of your comments and I am not impressed. Your name is very fitting.
        And I quote my words “My faint hope is Ron Paul” Please focus on the words faint hope. I have not said I will vote for him though you have implied that. I can see how you could fall into the trap. I simply wondering why the masses over looked him in the 2008 election. He seemed to be a reasonable candidate not because he says so but b/c his votes on policies seem to indicate so. You think I dont know that he is a politician? Should I have modified my statement to say that most politicians are liars? Would that make you happy, you venomous bastard? Your often scathing remarks remind me of naggy housewives.
        I am not a Republican to prove a point or for my health but I believe above all in limited government. I have conservative views. Should I be a Democrat b/c thats what all black people do or should I identify with the party I think supports my view even if they hate blacks? I dont care what that party thinks. I am black, mofo, I know damn well what people think of us. I am reminded every so often. So what Colin Powell should gtfo b/c they dont like blacks? Did you know that the original Republican party was founded out of anti slavery supporters (not that that affects my party decision)?
        Although this new fear monging crazy eyed party that supports the likes of Palin and Bachmann are enough to make me become an Independent. And please go ahead and check Ron Paul’s public record specifically his voting record. I was simply referring to the fact that he is the closest thing I have ever seen to a “clean” politician. Hell the current neo con Republican party refuses to support this man and try to keep him out of the televised Republican debates. Google or You Tube that while you are laughing. That faint hope comment was directed at how people are swayed b/c they like so and so candidate not b/c of what the candidate has done in the past, meaning that he may be a politician that does what he says.

        And please keep laughing like the jackass you are. You cannot contribute anything worthwhile to a discussion. You only nit pick at others comments.
        You also probably reelected Bush Jr.

  33. KOOL GUY

    dissssssssssssssssssssssss,iss,IS SADDDER THAN NEWS OF MRS JENNIFER LOPEZ AND SIR MARK ANTHONY DEVORCEING!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  34. Ollie

    I like it how some tard up the top of the thread called this a “way left” leaning website when it’s a fucking satirical celebrity gossip site and not a political site. Fuck you americans take things too seriously sometimes…

    • Burt

      “I like it how some tard up the top of the thread called this a “way left” leaning website…”

      Oblivious to the fact they are useful idiots, every single one of them.

  35. the captain

    being one of the BIGGEST doesn’t mean you’re the best……….

  36. Fauztron

    I watched the entire vid and did not see Rupert on the business end of any creampies. And for that, I thank you.

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