The Khaleesi’s 18-Year-Old Body Double Is Hotter Than The Khaleesi

Thanks to the Internet, we’re available to find more attractive versions of people we already find attractive and then masturbate to both of them until our dicks turn to sand and Obama takes his true form as Anung Un Rama. It’s a breathtaking process. Which brings us to Rosie Mac the 18-year-old body double for – *throws dagger at intruder coming in the window* I said 18, Hansen! *goes back to typing* – for Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones who’s so hot, they actually wrote her into the show. As for who she’s playing, I’m guessing a new, cheaper Khalessi who hasn’t been banged by Seth MacFarlane. “Mother of Vaginas That Haven’t Had Showtunes Sung Into Them,” they’ll call her.

Photos: Instagram