Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wore This and Other News

October 19th, 2011 // 50 Comments

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- Christina Aguilera doesn’t need make-up. Or pants, as it turns out. [TooFab]

- The 100 Hottest Sideboob Photos of All Time: 1 Productivity: 0. [Complex]

- Ben Affleck caused a crime spree in New York City. [Huffington Post]

- Stacey Kiebler‘s wardrobe malfunction is strike one. (Hint: Two and three are not having a younger vagina.) [Dlisted]

- Britney‘s new video is sexy as hell. And by that I literally mean you feel like you’re in hell when you’re watching it. [Lainey Gossip]

- Elizabeth Olsen is why you keep Bob Saget away from your kids. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Selma Blair is showing off her milk-filled jugs. [DrunkenStepfather: NSFW]

- While Hilary Duff talked to Chelsea Handler about hers. [Just Jared]

- And Katherine Heigl shows the only part of hers that you’re ever going to see. [Popoholic]

- Cosplay should be left up to hot chicks. Here’s why. [theCHIVE]

- Michael Jackson‘s daughter might soon be the subject of pedophiliac fantasy. Oh life’s sweet irony, how do I love thee? [Bossip]

- Soulja Boy shocks the nation with his drug arrest. [IDLYITW]

- Kristin Cavallari is in a bikini. [Celebslam]

- Tom Cruise‘s dance battle with David Ellison has had more disastrous repercussions than we could have ever imagined. [FilmDrunk]

- I smell a libel lawsuit for Stephenie Meyer here. [BuzzFeed]

- The Top 20 Five Second Films: Vol 2 will be the best 3 mins of your day. [Heavy]

- The 50 Most Beautiful Women in Sports for 2011 [Bleacher Report]

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  1. Richard McBeef

    I don’t really care if my lady friend is mentally retarded as long as you can’t tell from three blocks away.

  2. forrest gump

    but sex is in america as good as forbidden, folks.

  3. Dude of Dudes

    Shia LaBarf kissed that. I still cant erase the image.

  4. CranAppleSnapple

    Young lady? Your boobs don’t even remotely fill those boob holders. Why are you being seen in public that way?

  5. Frank Burns

    This Rosie chick has no charisma. Body leaves me flat too (get it?).

  6. whateverever

    Why does she keep her mouth open on every pic?

  7. Foreskin

    WILL U dickheads quit hating on ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!! im sick and tired of reading your dumb fuckin comments about these beautiful women! U losers playing wit ur tiny dicks at home jackin off to these babes! U all wish u could pound a pussy this hot

    If I hear one more dumb comment im gonna kick ya ass personally

  8. Roughing is in the bill of rights

    “Michael Jackson‘s daughter might soon be the subject of pedophiliac fantasy. Oh life’s sweet irony, how do I love thee”?

    I have read the fine print. It only states that she’ll be a spokesperson for the L.F.L. but has the option at participating when she reaches legal age. Even elitist Obama would not frown upon this deal.

  9. WhateverYouSay

    I don’t think she is “The Hottest Woman In The World”, but I defiantly think she’s pretty.

  10. She’s pretty smoking hot but she always has this vacant look on her face.

  11. Compound9

    Hey Bay, I have an issue with you. You trott this girl out like shes the best thing since the bacon press, yet you don’t have the decency to give us a girl with personality!? you are disgusting.
    Rosie don’t take this the wrong way im sure there is something good about you. You just aren’t that good looking, in terms of like movie hotness you are a 2. out of 10. and i say 2 so that you don’t cry when i say you would be a 1, im being generous. You offer absolutely nothing of value to the transformers movies, more over it is painful to watch you try to abort the few lines you had, spewing half understandable lines from your diseased looking way to puffy lips, you just suck and its painful to watch you try to act. You suck at acting. go back to collecting bull semen or whatever you used to do, acting is not your strong point. as for attractive, I would rather date a blow up doll, no fucking horse face, actually has some tit’s, some personality and probably didn’t give bj’s to the set crew “because she liked it.” im sorry to be so mean im just so pissed off at bay for doing this, there are like a billion women on this planet and you had to pick just anyone. SHE RUINED the movie for me, all the goddamn cg robot fights in the world cant overcome the RL actor being shitty.

    • Compound9

      @foreskin. its hard to type im still laughing to hard. dude you are one funny sob.

    • lily

      lol shes a model so yea she sucks at acting, but a 2 out of 10? come on. would love to hear who you find to be a 10 out of 10.

  12. Drew

    I don’t know, chicks with down syndrome just aren’t attractive. Maybe I’m just weird.

  13. Deacon Jones

    I bet dinner with this girl is so intellectually stimulating it’s not even funny.

    In fact, I bet I’d walk away smoking a pipe and exclaiming “Indeed!” after speaking with her.

    • Richard McBeef

      I brushed past her in the street once and now I only wear houndstooth suit jackets with leather elbows.

  14. josh

    That chick is fucking ugly.

    • maddox

      yup, she’s beat. Kinda looks like a white Jay Jay from Good times or maybe even Mush-mouth from Fat Albert LOL!!!! ” I bah bee bah on da new mooobie”

  15. rospo

    Christina, take off that Edie Sedgwick t-shirt please,
    I’m sure you know sh*t about who she was. You don’t deserve to carry Warhol’s Superstar and his name on your trashy body.

  16. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy fuck, her mouth is closed.

  17. wtf

    wow… i don’t get it. her mouth was made for sucking cock. and by cock, I mean mine.

  18. She’s got Frankenstein titties….Frankentitties….

  19. See Alice

    Her body looks great wearing the VS catalog but her face is nasty .
    Should have kept Megan , She was worth every penny .

  20. whoa sexy, even if it is a faux see-thru top. ass shot???

  21. AnnaDraconida

    She looks like she’s got Forrest Gump’s conversational skills, minus the interest in chocolate.

  22. She looks like she just gave a blow job to a curling iron.

  23. ashley


  24. forrest gump

    …..she has a hare lip?

  25. Andie

    That post about Christina Aguilerra not wearing makeup? She IS wearing makeup! Is that what you think she looks like naturally? She’s not wearing eight layers of shit on her face, but she’s wearing makeup. She’s wearing more makeup than most women normally wear, and they think she has no makeup on? Really? Oh, and LOL @ Dreg. That was funny. :)

  26. Lisa

    microcephaly alert (hahahah)

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