Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Vs. Megan Fox

June 29th, 2011 // 218 Comments

Transformers: Dark of the Moon premiered last night in New York, so Photo Boy and I took the liberty of tossing together this gallery pitting Rosie Huntington-Whiteley against her predecessor Megan Fox at the 2009 premiere of Revenge of the Fallen, so you guys can actually argue over something meaningful for a change. Keep in mind, one of these women – How do I put this delicately? – was a pork receptacle for Shia LaBeouf, while the other currently has sex with Jason Statham. However, both were systematically tortured by Michael Bay, presumably because he didn’t get his PB&J that day, so you’re going to weigh all the evidence carefully and not hastily choose a butt to pee in all willy-nilly.


Photo: Getty, Splash News


  1. Phil

    Megan’s way hotter.

    • lanegra


    • Duane Dunn

      Agree, I definitely want to tongue Fox’s asshole and who left this mannequin in front of the photographers???

    • Venom

      I watched the movie last night, trust me, Rosie crapped all over Megan Fox and previously I thought Megan was a living goddess.

      Rosie’s outfits, her look, her height, she has amazing presence.
      You really have to see it to understand the just complete difference between the two.

      • bj

        Rosie, all the way. Megan looks like someone who would claw your eyes out (and not in a kinky way). Rosie looks sweet, but like someone who could fuck hard. PLUS, she’s blonde.

    • LAW

      nah, Rosie does it for me. Megan has that fake look that i can get at a strip here in southern cali.
      Rosie has elegance

    • hadjiimotto

      megan fox is way hotter thane whats-her-face! and i think megan isnt too bad an actress for action film genre, maybe the next bond girl? she got my vote! Mike Bay didnt do this film justice by listening to speilberg, the movie would have brought in more with megan. Michael bay did something to piss off Megan Fox, Megan Fox reacted during an interview, Steven Spielberg lost his temper towards that, etc,. etc,. and the Film and the PAYING MOVIE FANS SUFFERED! but who cares speilberg and bay have money anyway, they dont NEED to put out a good product, the hell with the fans, we have our money! ha ha ha ha!!!!

      • watson

        oh please if you and I went on the evening news and talked shit about our bosses, we would get fire. That’s life and its unfair hierarchy. Megan thought she was SUPER hot shit when she was only a hot shit in Hollywood, a land of hot shits all around. She can be replaced and she was. Megan is hot yes but Rosie is hot in a different way, a more natural way.
        And if you will shell out 10-15 just to see a hot girl with make up on, I sure hope you know porn is free.

      • eoirjg

        Are…are you an idiot? You just brought sexism into this entire picture.

        And no, Megan compared Bay to fucking Hitler. So uh, yeah. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Like any of us know what went on between them.

        Megan Fox as the next Bond girl? They might as well use a piece of shit in place of her, as that could probably do better.

    • R

      Megan fox is more beautiful than Rosie!!!!Rosie has ugly lips and nose,please look at her photos when she wears no makeup!!!Then you’ll see the difference.

    • megan

      Agreed, just take a look at rosies picture without make Oo
      - i saw it today she looks bloody awful her lips are so big they look like there gonna blow! But megan fox looks truly beautiful naturaly! its not about how ho they are in bed -_- but when it come to true beauty megan has my vote and most of the public!
      - Besides give it a few years and rosie will have tattoos and loads of plastic surgury!

  2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
    Commented on this photo:

    Fox wins, hands down

  3. DrCreepy

    I concur, Megan is a lot better looking.

  4. ugh

    Neither. They both have that fucking annoying porn star look on their faces. The only difference is that Rosie is real and Megan was made in a laboratory.

  5. NigelTufnel

    I’ve been trying to figure this Rosie thing out for a while. She has a complete butter face. I mean she’s alright – but Megan Fox is almost perfect. Yes neither can act, but after seeing all the terrible reviews – Transformers 4 might need to bring fox back.

    • LAW

      Terrible reviews?
      Transformers 3 has been getting praise across the board. Everyone is saying that the franchise has been redeemed with this iteration

    • NigelTufnel

      YOu are crazy. Did you read Roger Ebert or Peter Travers’ zero star review? Its a total piece of shit.

  6. JC

    Megan in the bedroom: more likely to steal your vicodin and puke all over your bathroom
    Rosie in the bedroom: more likely to make you feel like you’re banging a mannequin

    Conclusion? A dead-heat in the competition for most adequate T&A for a crappy movie franchise.

  7. Megan is more Fuckable than Rosie. I’d say pre-surgery Megan was WAYYYYYYYYYY Hotter than Rosie. Post-surgery, Megan is hotter but marginally. What makes Megan hotter? Both look frigid, both can be bitches, both seem dumber than stumps, but Megan has that ‘Meh, I’ll fuck you if it will shut you up’ thing going for her. Rosie just looks like she’s very wild in bed. Megan, you can tell, would fuck the living jeebus out of you because we all know she’s bat shit crazy. Rosie just seems too proper, too inhibited to be a wild shag.

    • Racer X

      Well said, sir.

      +1 Internets

    • its megan bitch

      Dont think that Rosie may be wild in bed …but who knows .this girl could act in “the walking dead” ,she looks like a zombie and does not have much acting skills :P plus :can you imagine Megan´s boobs on 3d?I´d rather see that than big unnecessary lips I am a girl and I am not gay

      • Actually I mis wrote that. It should read “Rosie just doesn’t look liek she’s very wild in Bed.” Unfortunately can’t edit posts here. I agree, she doesn’t look very wild in bed. I picture sex with her as her laying on her back, with a blank distant gaze over my shoulder, expressionless, while smoking a cigarette held in one of those long cigarette holders …

      • Steph

        finally someone else noticed those injected looking lips on rosie =\ and really I don’t think there was much to her character anyway in Transformers 3. She was just kinda thrown in there and I felt no attachment to her at all. She was just there and screamed a lot. The damsel in distress -_-. Megan had the better character for the movies.

    • The Lord Almighty

      In my experience the “seems too proper” quiet types are way wilder than the girls who want everyone to know how sexually crazy they are (i.e. talking out of their asses for attention and are actually like banging a corpse). The wilder they make themselves seem is usually inversely proportional to how wild they are in bed. All talk, no action.

    • qwerty

      if you guys watch the victorias secret channel on youtube, you would know that Rosie seems to be the naughty angel from her comments. That is probably why Michael bay pick her to play the “sex doll,” I mean, female role. You think Jason Statham would be banging a stiff mannequin for long?

      • blah blah blah

        Nehh…he is not getting any younger .Men who are getting to their 40´s change their mates as they change their underwear .it reminds me of a story called Sophie Monk

    • u already know

      but the lips on rosie is crazy bc she got them dick suckin lips no joke but megan to get that look ill fuck u but rosie got that look ill suck u so both of them are hot no ones hotter bc ill fuck both of them bc they both beautiful in their own way

  8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    “Nope. Still not there”.

  9. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
    Commented on this photo:

    gotta go with megan

  10. i’ll take rosie over megan every time now. megan absolutely whored her body with those tats. she looks hurdtin. rosie’s so beautiful i bought my first maxim in 12 years last night. if only my dead friends weren’t watching me 24/7 i’d have stuck the pages together already.

    • pie

      Megan is prettier people just like Rosie because she’s blonde she’s hideous without make up idiots who say Rosie is pretty are clearly blind

  11. baron of all media

    I’d put them each at opposite ends of a particle accelerator, hope what comes out wants my penis inside them, and then train our cyber baby to kill Michael Bay.

  12. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    just stunning (heart)

  13. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    perfect– candice, you’re lookin at some serious competition

  14. Nah

    Blondie looks like a scary doll. Major fish lips, dumb facial expressions, almost lanky. Megan… we all know is plastic. Pictures of her are getting worse and worse. I’d have to say both lose.

  15. Fox all the way

    Fox is hotter but both monkey’s are supremely doable.

    I dare say I’d leave it in a little longer to pollinate both flowers….I’d still go to Canada to avoid child support…but my progeny prolly wouldn’t need any help any way because they’d be paid well for being so damn good looking.

    We all know tall and/or pretty people make more than the “normal” people.

  16. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
    Commented on this photo:

    sincerest thanks fish, women in red like this are like goddesses.
    can you do something about all these damn scripts tho, they’re whoring my damn ram ( x∞)

    • Drew

      Google how to disable IntelliTXT. It’s not hard.

      If you want more control over scripts than that, Google NoScript for Firefox (assuming you have half a brain and don’t use IE). There is also a Chrome equivalent.

      If you don’t want to do either of these, just have to deal with it. Though I’d have to wonder what kind of archaic machine you are running where intellitxt “whores up your ram”.

  17. joe r

    I dont know….Rosie isn’t amazing but she’s kind of stunning in a child-like kind of way. Megan just freaks me out now.
    Come on dude, she looks like shit.

  18. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    awe ro, let me help you with those butt cheeks :)

  19. Rancid

    That douche Bay could (off camera) hold up a Barbie doll, bob it up and down, and say the lines in a high-pitched voice, and would have a more convincing character than either of these two broads.

    Bay is like Lucas. He has no fucking idea how to hire people who can actually act. All he wants are people who “look” the part.

  20. viral

    Cold, scary ass motherfucking bitches.

  21. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    ew. she’s not pretty at all

  22. the one

    a person is what she drives(a car).
    ………….A YUGO ZASTAVA, folks!!

  23. spek

    megan is hotter, except for the horrible ink, but i guess i could burn them off with a hot iron. but then she would open her mouth and say something stupid like she always does. i guess I would have to go with Rosie…

  24. Rancid

    So you’re grifting your boss? I guess it’s fair game, since he was stupid enough to hire you.

  25. Cher X

    Hard to tell since they both came out of the same factory.

  26. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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  27. greygoose

    Meh. Pass.

  28. John Holmes

    I will cast my vote for which ever one of them lets me bury my thunder stick balls deep into their ass.

  29. Racer X

    Megan Fox.

    /long neck duck lips FAIL.

  30. Fox and the Hound

    What’s so bad about plastic? I say cast neither and bring Heidi Montag in…she looks awesome. If you HAD to pick one, take the sly Fox

  31. loco poco

    These broads make me sick.



  33. CptCreep

    Rosie would crush your balls with that huge chin that completes her Mac-Moon face. Contest over!

  34. It’s like gambling, except for the casino winning in the end it’s Michael Bay.

  35. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    Megan Fox wins hands down.. dark haired girls are so much sexier than blondes.

  36. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
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    Megan’s face is the perfect creation of her plastic surgeon, but Rosie has that ugly-pretty thing going for her. I really like that. Does that mean I’m damaged?

    • don

      Rosie has surgeon written all over her face too… Too bad she did not end up as well as Megan.

      • erica

        rosies face is real, ive seen pictures of her when she was like 5 years old obviously she didnt get surgery then and her lips were that big,
        id go with rosie, because you know what magen is stunning, but shes almost too perfect, perfect is boring, i like that ugly pretty thing too, something that makes you wanna keep on looking, i would say magen is more classically beautiful, but rosie is more interesting and unique

  37. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    They are both very lovely.
    May they both make lots of money (and save it wisely) before they encounter that inevitable wall of age.
    I hope that soon Rosie compares Michael Bay to Hitler & quits the franchise.

  38. KinduvaDouche

    Both of them are a bit too skinny for my taste, but Megan wears the skinny better. ALSO… Rosie doesn’t just look LIKE she’s dumb, she LOOKS dumb.

  39. lexington

    Real duck vs. created duck. hard one.

  40. AM

    I choose Rosie because her lips are juicy and ultra thick so they’d go better around my dick. I’d be too scared about Megan’s collagen leaking out everywhere.

  41. AT

    Megan is probably much more fun in bed

  42. Venom

    I was dragged to go see Transformers last night and as you know I despise Michael Bay and Shia and hoped they die in a lake of fire.

    That being said, the movie was awesome and 1,000 times better than the other two movies. It was extremely funny and the whole theater clapped at the end.
    Rosie was awesome and did a very good job. She made me realize how terrible an actress that Megan Fox is.

    I watched it in 2D and I think I am going to go back and see it in 3D which is the way it should really be watched.

    It makes me nauseous to think I complimented that asshole.

  43. trix


  44. twzzlrgirl

    Female perspective here: I’m no lesbian, but if I was gonna switch teams just to try it out, I’d go Megan Fox all the way. The blonde looks like she’d make a scrunched up “that’s icky” face every time she saw bodily fluids.

  45. Go Galt

    No contest: Rosie every time. Megan has ruined herself with the tatoos, the anorexia, the awful plastic surgery. She just looks hard and worn. Rosie might be a dumb rich bitch, but she still looks soft, natural, and feminine. She would be absolutely lovely to screw.

  46. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox
    Commented on this photo:

    Hands down Megan Fox. Rosie isnt good looking at all to be honest.

  47. vader

    Fox is looking more and more plastic each time I see her. Hate her tattoos and without all of the war paint, she’s a very average looking broad. Rosie’s grill is just busted! Hard to believe this chic is a VS model. She always looks like she’s holding in a painful fart.

  48. RJ

    Rosie’s blue eyes >>>>> most things, especially anything to do with Megan Fox.

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