Rose McGowan almost lost her eye

March 19th, 2007 // 67 Comments


Rose McGowan was in a car accident a few weeks ago and the accident pushed her glasses into her face, slicing into it. She was scared of scarring but found an excellent plastic surgeon. She says:

“I didn’t realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. My glasses had sliced me under my eye.”

And that’s basically why I stopped wearing glasses. Sure, everything looks blurry, but I think all the people at the mall I drove through yesterday will agree that it’s totally worth it. At least they would if they could speak. Turns out blurry teenagers aren’t as immune to being run over by a car as you’d think.



  1. Jiimbo


  2. Jiimbo

    Who cares. Unless she is naked, big deal!!!

  3. veggi

    she looks like she’s blind already with that makeup.

  4. NicotineEyePatch

    Her makeup artist should be punched for the eyebrows in pic 1. They knew she was leaving the house.

  5. DrPhowstus

    Car accident my ass. If I hadn’t had sex six times that afternoon, I would have taken out both eyes. As it is, she almost drowned when I shot it up her nose. She sounded like Mer-man… that was hilarious.

  6. fergernauster

    … Another trout-pout ho.


  7. schack

    that’s like my worst nightmare

  8. It’s amazing how the car accident gave her the exact same scar behind each ear.

  9. veggi

    charmed, I’m sure.

  10. danielle

    Sheesh. That’s such an ugly

    Good thing people like her keep the plastic-party doctor on speedial.

    • Charmed:)

      Yes, she is a woman. This picture is old and misleading, Rose McGowan is beautiful, unlike you, racist, wannabe big tits, dumbass, bitch. Thank you very much:)

  11. schack

    what is she famous for except showing up to the VMA’s with marilyn manson in a string dress?

    • Charmed:)

      No dumbass, she’s famous for being an amazing actress, being an amazing person, and because she’s beautiful, this is an old picture, you should see her now

  12. HughJorganthethird

    Is that how they are explaining penile-optical trauma these days….

  13. She used to be SMOKIN hot. But she’s looking kind of old in that top pic.

    She was sexy as hell in The Doom Generation.

  14. lambman

    Rose is a goddess, I can’t wait to see her kick butt in Grindhouse, that poster of her with the machine gun leg is hot as hell

  15. heisthejuan

    She wears glasses? Gross.

  16. schack

    who hired YOU lambman. we all know that movie is going to be tarantino’s version of sucking. which involves shrouding the fact that the movie sucks with tits and bangbang.

  17. DrPhowstus

    @10 — Whoa! You got something against double D’s? It’s speeDdial Ms. Dictionary.

  18. danielle

    And…you waited to tell me this because?

    Here’s something that spelled correctly:

    NO LIFE.

  19. ^Jenna^

    U-G-L-Y. Honestly, if she did go to a plastic surgery I would pay for “Face off” – she just needs a new face.
    Also, lambman, don’t you know that prosthetic machine guns are so last season?
    Honestly, that movie is going to be soo bad

    • Charmed:)

      Who are you to judge someone by their looks? She’s an amazing person, and an awesome actress. The movie was great and so is Rose McGowan, no matter how old she gets, and I don’t except someone like you to like her anyways, because unlike you, she is smart, and intellegent.

  20. DrPhowstus

    @18 — Calm down ‘sistuh’, you must be flat chested. My bad (that’s how you people say it, right?). I didn’t mean to bring up any sore subjects. Carry on.

  21. danielle


    Seriously, *sistuh*? Where the hell did that come from? Did your daddy help you come up with that one?, I mean, after he finished touching you of course.

    If you knew anything about *sistuh’s*, as you so delicately put it, you would know that we are endowed with things called boobs, hips, and an actual waist. Only crackers are born with beans as boobs and stick thin figures. Read a book dickshit.

    Go to hell…and call me when ya get there. Retard.

  22. xo_breathless

    the glasses/car accident is a closet fear of mine.

  23. who the fuck is Rose McGowan? and why does the superfish suck so hard lately?

  24. MultipleSpaceys

    She looks like Dixie Carter. But Dixie Cater 30 years from now.

  25. DrPhowstus

    @21 — You’re so easy. I think I cried at that one. That was funny. My Dad had more black tail than Wilt Chamberlain. Nice try.

    I still say flat as Gwyneth Paltrow’s ass up front.

  26. danielle


    What? Why the hell would I care about where your daddy’s winkie’s been? I don’t give a fuck.

    You’re flat-chested…great for you. I happen to not be.

    Move on.

  27. DrPhowstus

    @26 — So it should be DDanielle? Again, as you people would say, Oh dag!!!

  28. N@ughty

    god! why do the sorriest actresses and celebrities survive car accidents? why couldn’t her car just blow the hell up into oblivion? and by the time police arrived on the scene, the paramedic probably would have discovered she was still breathing, but instead of notifying police, he just carries her out of the car purposely “accidentally” breaking her neck until her heartbeat stops. now THAT’S entertainment.

  29. jrzmommy

    I think a scarred, one-eyed Rose McGowan would be cool. It would add to her tough-girl image. She could be like the Steve McQueen of her generation….only with one eye….and a chick……and talentless.

  30. N@ughty

    by the way superfish…you wear glasses? i LOVE a smart guy…oh wait, you ran over teenagers. never mind…NEXT!

  31. danielle



    “As you people would say. Oh dag!!!!”

    No hun, we don’t say dag. Please, do keep up with the times. Lame ass.

    But, I’m sure people of your kind, species, accident…whatever, would say:

    “Well, gee pop!!!”


  32. N@ughty

    @31 is this like a racial thing or what? i honestly think you guys are like the FUNNIEST ppl on here right now. PROPS to both of ya.

  33. Dan

    I’m sure her craniofacial deformity somehow contributed to this. Bitch’s eyes always look like they’re falling out.

  34. whackjob

    21, though I enjoyed your post thoroughly, as you’re correcting others perhaps you’d consider the correct use of “dickshit”.

    Originally it was “dipstick”, as in “at boy is as bright as a dipstick” (the long metal pointy thing in the engine to check oil level/quality), meaning not too smart.

    It evolved to “dipshit”, with the continued inference on a lack of aptitude or intelligence.

    Eventually other uses included dickwad, dickhead, dickwheat or fuckwad, and/or fuckstick.

    But never, not ever dickshit. That’d just be wrong. Happy future name-calling, love your posts.

  35. imran karim


    imran karim

  36. ImaCracka

    Damn she looks like Pat Benatar in that bottom photo…….

  37. s0fa

    haahaha…ur commentary is the best. the only reason why I like this site over others

  38. Starfish Troopers

    She looks like Sean Young now. They register about the same on the radar these days.

    I liked it in Scream when she got snaggleboffed in the garage door. I bet she likes getting snaggleboffed in the garage door, huh huh huh.

  39. Forbidden

    She used to be so fucking hot a few years ago. Anyway those are terrible pictures. There’s nothing ugly about Rose McGowan. To all the chicks calling her ugly, a)wether you’ve never seen how she looks like before and you have only seen these pictures (incredibly misleading) or b)how sad to call a chick ugly when you’ll never be as hot as she is/has been.

  40. iamsosmrt

    I find there aren’t enough good words to insult people with these days so why can’t dickshit be used. One could look at it as a term that means someone extremely discusting and it’s origin could the extremely discusting slimy and clumpy poo residue that covers a dick that has just been ass hamering.

  41. cm

    What a creepy looking woman. She looks like the mother in the Munsters or Adams Family. Yikes.

  42. iamsosmrt

    #34, I find there aren’t enough good words to insult people with these days so why can’t dickshit be used. One could look at it as a term that means someone extremely discusting and it’s origin could the extremely discusting slimy and clumpy poo residue that covers a dick that has just been ass hamering.

  43. Hecubus

    She came THAT close to being interesting, dammit. If she actually lost an eye or at least got a cool scar she’d have a little personality, as it is she’s just another ‘actress’

  44. heather1984

    she’s hot.

  45. whackjob

    #42, your assertion is that proper use might include the example, “Danielle is an extremely disgusting slimy and clumpy poo crusted dickshit”?

    Hmmmmmm, yes, I stand corrected, thanks for pointing this out. Danielle is a dickshit. Yep, has a certain ring to it. Danielle P. Dickshit. I like it.

  46. GuitarGirl

    Why was she worried about the scar? I mean…is not like shes going to find a job on the big screen any time soon…and besides, in porn movies u dont care about the face ;)

  47. Rose McGowan and Michael Jackson are the same person! Sneaky sneaky…

  48. BarbadoSlim

    Girlfriend is looking very, very, rough nowadays. She hit the wall and kept on going.

  49. Chouli

    She looks like Dixie Carter in the “after” photo.

  50. 15PiecesOfFlare

    She looks like Judy Garland in drag. Then again, Judy Garland looked like Judy Garland in drag.

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