Ronan Farrow Punches Hollywood In The Dick Over Woody Allen

“No, not you, Blake Lively boobs. You were the chosen ones!”

Kristen Stewart recently spouted a bunch of bullshit about how Jesse Eisenberg helped her rationalize working with Woody Allen, which makes it all the more epic that Ronan Farrow just dropped a massive editorial in The Hollywood Reporter where he calls out everyone from the media, including the outlet he’s writing in, to himself for being complicit in allowing Woody Allen to work in Hollywood despite allegedly molesting his sister Dylan Farrow. He also details a highly sophisticated publicity machine that operates exactly like the one that kept Bill Cosby from being exposed as an “alleged” serial rapist before calling out the most recent batch of celebrities to work with his father as they pose smiling with him at Cannes. It’s a powerful read that’s fortunately managed to burst through the usual internet horseshit of bikini photos and accusing celebrities of being pregnant. Both of which are coming up next, only on The Superficial. Stick around.

My Father, Woody Allen, And The Danger Of Questions Unasked – The Hollywood Reporter

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