Robert Pattinson’s brooding is corrupting your children

Robert Pattinson’s roguishly stoned looks are corrupting America’s youth faster than that time Miley Cyrus showed an airbrushed glimpse of her bare back. The star of the upcoming film Twilight, an adaptation of the insanely popular vampire novels that hasn’t even opened yet, is apparently getting all kinds of disturbing reactions on publicity stops – including a 7-year-old girl asking him to bite her. E! Online reports:

Still, just last week the 22-year-old British actor was at an Apple store in New York City when a 7-year-old girl asked to take a photo with him. No big deal, right?
“But then she went really quiet and she was like, ‘Can you bite me?’ ” Pattinson told me with a somewhat nervous laugh yesterday in a Beverly Wilshire Hotel room, where he’d been holed up doing press all weekend. “It wasn’t a joke…I looked at her and thought, ‘Do you know what you’re saying?’ There are these kinds of sexual thoughts that come out of people that they don’t even know are sexual.”

And just yesterday Robert’s fans caused a riot at the Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco, according to TMZ:

The crowd — nearly 10 times larger than event officials prepared for — mutated into a mob scene when a push to get into the mall got so wild, that several kids fell under the crush. One girl reportedly broke her nose and another fainted.
No arrests were made and the event was canceled for obvious reasons.

Jesus, this guy’s like Tickle Me Elmo for English majors. Now you see why it’s never a good idea to let your children read – except for this site. I’ll learn them stuff.

Photos: WENN