Robert Downey Jr. Wants Hollywood To Forgive Mel Gibson

October 17th, 2011 // 41 Comments

Back when Robert Downey Jr. was virtually unhireable thanks to a mammoth coke addiction and penchant for dressing like Wonder Woman, Mel Gibson gave him a chance and cast him in The Singing Detective thus providing the Viagra that would harden RDJ’s career all up in our faces wow that was a weird analogy. Anyway, since then, Mel Gibson has become a pariah after drunkenly stating the Jews control everything and following that up by demanding blowjobs with threats of fiery death, admitting to striking women to “bring them back to reality” and suggesting that black people travel in packs raping people. So almost exactly like Robert’s coke problem – you can barely tell them apart – which is why Iron Man decided to go, “C’mon, you guys,” at the American Cinematheque Awards over the weekend. Via Us Magazine:

“Unless you are without sin — and if you are, you are in the wrong f**king industry — you should forgive him and let him work,” the Iron Man star said.
Downey, who famously struggled with substance abuse himself in the past, costarred with Gibson in the 1990 film Air America. “He taught my many things, and I will use the ‘C’ word — courage,” Downey said. “There’s nothing so much wrong with him. Of course you have to worry about the guy making the judgment here. He’s a good dude with a good heart.
… “Mel and I have the same lawyer, same publicist, and same shrink. I couldn’t get hired and he cast me,” Downey said. “He said if I accepted responsibility — he called it hugging the cactus — long enough, my life would take meaning. And if he helped me, I would help the next guy. But it was not reasonable to expect the next guy would be him.”

While it’s classy of Robert Downey Jr. to stand up for the one person who gave him a break when no one else would, he’s gotta remember that Mel Gibson threatened to burn down an entire house containing himself, his infant daughter and the mother of said infant just because she decided to get in the Jacuzzi first before fellating him. As if the guy wasn’t scary enough, fucking arson/suicide is part of his repertoire now. That’s like inviting Hitler over and finding out he has a lightsaber. “Ze streusel tastes like a Jew!” *slices through coffee table* “Now who vill blow me?!”

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  1. Happy Monday! First!

  2. Jaime

    Mel Gibson is rich as F*ck. He can finance his own independent movie to star in. He wants to be allowed back in the Hollywood fold to make blockbusters? Don’t feel sorry for Mel. Lots of starving children (actors) out there that deserve pity more than him.

  3. Cher X

    Gotta agree with Fish, Mel’s breakdown was a lot worse, what with the threatening to burn down houses, anti-semantic remarks and the whole ‘hope you get raped by a bunch of n words”.

    In contrast, Downey’s breakdown was cute. Almost lovable.

    • Mandy

      Agreed. Robert Downey Jr.’s drug addiction only hurt himself. Mel’s words and threats did a lot more damage to others.

      • Cookies

        Are you for real? RBJ’s addiction only hurt himself? What about his friends & family who watched him slide downhill to rock bottom? Who tried & tried again to help him only to watch him end up in prison? Nevermind what went on behind closed doors during that time, I’m sure RBJ has his fair share of threats & words. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. Robert Downey Jr. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    “Easy. Don’t pass out. All I said was, ‘My wife’s Jewish.’ “

  5. Rupert Giles

    I wont watch Mel Gibson on the bigscreen. Its hard to turn off Braveheart when its on cable but I wont spend a penny supporting his racist ass. I dont care who he’s ranting about on any given day, a POS racist doesn’t get my ticket money.

  6. Cock Dr

    “Let him work”…WTF? This guy finances his own projects. If some people don’t feel comfortable working with a proven violent lunatic they are well within their rights to avoid the lunatic.
    Ask RDJ if he saw “The Beaver”…because no one else did.

  7. Two bat shit crazies……”We are Legion.”

  8. Ryan

    Everyone fucks up. I choose to not continue to judge Mel on his past. He said some fucked up shit but so does half the rapper I listen to. I think people look at Mel like a father figure or politician so when he’s says something he’s more than an entertainer in hollywood and it means something but he’s a fucking actor in that fucked up city hollywood.

  9. Deacon Jones

    admitting to striking women to “bring them back to reality”

    …lol, oh man, that’s the first I heard that one, couldnt help but laugh.

  10. Robert Downey Jr. Mel Gibson
    Ay Dios mio
    Commented on this photo:

    “But it was not reasonable to expect the next guy would be him.” – do you see what RDJ did there?

  11. DogBoy

    RDJ was a lot more likable during his break from sanity.

  12. LJ

    RDJ has now paid back Gibson, and can now move on.

  13. Do Freebird

    If one of those heeb Russian jew boys like this Robert Downsky feels that Mel has paid his dues, than who are we to argue.

  14. the stories that he threatened to burn down the house etc, well we all say a lot of shit when we’re angry that we don’t mean. he never did make good on killing anyone. however unlike RDJ mel’s done nothing that i heard to address his anger management problems. i don’t know of him being on any psych drugs, nor has he been to counseling that i’ve seen reported. IF he went to an anger management program *and* had himself a psych eval from a proper doctor, then he’s taking the right steps to warrant a second chance. but second chances kinda need to be earned. like when RDJ went to rehab…..

    • akewlazzmom

      You need to pay better attention then. Not only did he start seeing his old Dr immediately after the night of those tapes (well, one of those nights. Things SHE says and he makes mention of clearly shows they were NOT all made over one night. They were over a span of an unknown amt of time) to help him discover WHY she pushed his buttons so frickin’ easily.
      Aside from that, it was a condition of his no contest sentencing.
      And, listen carefully, he says he will burn the house down before he allows her to ever have it. The only reason she is still living there is because that house belongs to the baby, NOT her sorry ass. Hopefully, when Lucia turns old enough to file for emancipation she’ll do it and throw her nasty ass, lying, thieving, “mother” on a plane back to Ukraine and tell her to never come back or try to contact her again. Have a feeling her son may end up doing that and at minimum I hope he leaves soon, requesting to live with his Dad. Although it’s certainly not much in comparison to what Mel has to pay each mth, at least she would be getting $2,500K less each mth! Nasty, vile whore that she is. “Dating” for profit, even if you end up marrying them (which luckily BOTH Mel and Dalton were smart enough to avoid) is still prostitution no matter how you look at it.

      • @akewlazzmom i hope you’re correct on him going to the dr. what about anger management classes? on this coast if you so much as hit your sister with a newspaper you have to go for six months of it. if he’s done these things then sure let the moaning go. not that we need another fucking lethal weapon mind you. but i’m sure there’s something suitable. even something self-abasing to start, like that spot he almost had in hangover 2.

    • MJB

      There’s rehab for addicts but is there really a rehab for being a racist, anti-semitic, misogynist scumbag? No one wants to see him in movies b/c his outward appearance finally caught up with his ugly personality. No one wants to spend 90-120 minutes looking at an old nutsack with crazy eyes. He’s done. He should be happy he made a fortune with his torture porn Jesus flick and retire into quiet oblivion.

      • MJB sure as i’m tured of reboots i’m tired of seeing the same damn pomous ass act-aurs in every movie.. excellent point, time some new talent earned a living. gibson already has all the money he’ll ever need.

  15. Ben Dover

    two Douchebags one stage, gotta love it

  16. kimmykimkim

    Please, I threaten arson/suicide at least twice a week. Thank god I’m not famous because then, that’d be a real asshole thing to do.

  17. Qaroliine

    I am a woman, and therfore I worship RDJ blindly and will listen to anything he says. It’s involountary.

  18. Hank Williams Jr.

    C’mon, Fish, wtf don’t you know better than to compare somebody to Hitler? Trust me on this one, it doesn’t get the laughs you’d think it would.

  19. Inmate 12236969

    Mel needs to occupy Wall Street it’s filled with anarchists, anti-Semites and indorsed by the Neo-Nazis.



  21. Mike

    Must…hate..Mel…Gibson…for…stuff..I…don’t…care..about.. Oh, no, the Internet vortex has got me. Mike Vick drowns puppies! Mike Tyson is a rapist. No wait, that one appears to have expired.

  22. YM

    How gay is Fish these days and his dopey posturing (hidden by not very funny anymore sarcasm)? Yay fish!

  23. glassman

    Good for RJD. He probably has a better perspective to comment than most. I greatly appreciate his loyalty and sense of gratitude in advocating for a friend.

  24. Dave

    Really? German accents? I get that we all have to go for the obvious joke every now and then, but at what point do we start to cross over into a racist territory of our own?

    Not to downplay how awful the Holocaust was, but I’ve got two issues with the whole “Germans are still Nazis” jokes that people like to make to this day. (1) Anti-semetism is a much bigger and more global problem like that, and it sort of trivializes it to pretend like its just this German thing that in no way is also present throughout the world, including America. (2) I think there’s a pretty reasonable argument to be made that there’s a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black when we sit in America and poke fun at the horrible racial histories of other nations. The Holocaust was indeed one of the worst events in human history, but we continue to have our own racial issues with African Americans a good 500 years after our ancestors started slaughtering them and shipping them off for a life of servitude.

  25. Unreal

    @Dave has really lost the thread. The guy writing this story made a joke about Hitler. Hitler was a Nazi. I don’t see any inference whatsoever that he is in some way insinuating that the German people are still Nazis. While the comment about Hitler with a lightsaber was obviously meant to be taken completely seriously, I’m gonna give the author the benefit of the doubt. The self-serious, self-appointed PC police like this moron above are the very reason that so many find anti-PC humor so funny. What a fucking delta bravo. Your time is really well spent trying to give a pedantic civics lesson to the patrons of a website dedicated to mockery and cynicism. Please, please just do the world a favor and kill yourself.

  26. lohan8ball

    I’ll see Gibson in anything because he’s a fucking genius and I pay for overpriced tickets to see ACTORS convince me I’m seeing real life. I don’t confuse peoples’ PRIVATE lives with their PROFESSIONAL lives because their private lives are none of my fucking business, you assclown parade of freaks. Bunch of whining bitches fueling a fire because Gibson said “Jew” in an angry tone. *GASP

  27. Cracker

    “Unless you are without sin — and if you are, you are in the wrong f**king industry — you should forgive him and let him work,”

    That is just pathetic to say.

    Gibson has been given chance after chance after chance. It isn’t like Gibson’s story is a 1-time event that went wrong. If anything, history has shown that the entertainment industry is full of second and third chances. Even they have to draw the line at 88 chances given to Gibson.

    OK, while it was intentional, maybe using 88 as the number was going a bit far, considering the Nazi/anti-semitic affiliation of it.

  28. Robert Downey Jr. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve seen this story reported before and it seems blown out of proportion. The reporter is the one who brings up the scenario and puts words in Downey’s mouth, and he just replies basically yeah sure why not. I don’t doubt that he is lobbying to get Gibson the gig, but these stories make it sound like he’s made some sort of hard and fast ultimatum.

  29. Robert Downey Jr. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    “No, Mel, you really can’t have it. It’s mine…c’mon, Mel, give it back to me. Mel, I’m not a Jew, and stop being such an asshole. Give me back my award. POLICE!…someone call the police…”

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