Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny is ‘allegedly’ a giant crazy whore

June 30th, 2008 // 30 Comments

A new chapter has begun in the Rob Lowe sex scandal that everyone forgot about. James Maclear, a former chef for the Lowe’s, filed a declaration Friday that the ex-nanny accusing Rob of sexual harassment might be a cock-crazy psycho. Legally speaking. TMZ reports:

James Maclear says he worked for the Lowes as a chef from June to December 2005. In that time, he claims Jessica Gibson had an “overtly flirtatious manner.” He says within hours of meeting her she “changed into hot pants and was laying on the kitchen floor with her legs open in a very suggestive manner.”
He also says Gibson aggressively pursued him — on several occasions telling him “she was very horny” — even though he told her he had a girlfriend. He says once at a friend’s birthday party Gibson paraded around a pizza joint singing the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me” directly to his girlfriend.

James Maclear also claims that he never saw Rob flirt with Jessica and that she’d been reported to her supervisor for her “constant sexual innuendo.” Intriguing. There’s only one way to get to the bottom of this: I’ll have sex with this so-called nanny which will allow me to prove if she was molested by Rob Lowe. I think. The important thing is I’ll lose my virginity. Ha ha, I kid. I lost it weeks ago to The Geekologie Writer’s mom. Best bumper car ride EVER.

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  1. frist


  2. yays!


  3. Stuey

    Don’t be gay you two.

    HAHA at the mom comment. SNAPSIESSSSS

  4. Please don’t fires me, master Lowe. Heh, I don’t know.

  5. ph7

    she “changed into hot pants and was laying on the kitchen floor with her legs open in a very suggestive manner.”

    Most girls in LA are like this.

  6. I swear his cheeks always look like he’s storing nuts for the winter.

  7. Barely Stearn

    Hot pants?? Thought this was Rob Lowe, not Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in??

  8. literarycritic

    “Gibson paraded around a pizza joint singing the Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me’ directly to his girlfriend.”

    What a stupid skank. If I were the girlfriend, we would’ve had a fight all over that pizza joint, friend’s birthday party or no.

  9. britney's weave

    wait, do we care about this story?

  10. Lucia

    He is my favorite. Just saw his personals ID on millionaires personals site “”"”"S e e k i n g R i c h. co m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship he is looking for on that site.

  11. @7

    Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in?

    GOOD GOD you are old with that reference.

    I didnt think the senior center was allowed to access the superficial, much less comment on it….I couldve sworn there was a 70 and under age limit to comment.

    Get back on your hov-around and head back to the bingo parlor hun, the crazy computer is for the kids!

  12. It isn't fair

    Where can I find a nanny like this? She sounds like a good and decent young woman, the kind I’d like to have around the house . . . and in the shower . . . and on the kitchen table, and in the back seat of my car, and in the shed out back, and in the bushes in the park . . .

    You know, someone like veggi . . .

  13. Julia_NYC

    peace, love and harmony.

  14. was there a problem?
    …….who knows?

  15. Deacon Jones

    God, what I would give to have a hot slut for a maid. Jesus. The possibilities.

  16. Ted Mosby

    I need to meet this girl!

  17. BaCrock Osama

    Where da picture of da white woman?

  18. Julia_NYC

    #17 you need to fill your heart with love and stop making fun of the colored people. I had a colored friend one time. My heart bleeds for you and your insecurities. Kumbaya

  19. Kel

    @ 11
    I don’t know what you are poking fun at.

    Comments are left by everyone regardless of age.

    Plus, apparently #7 is about the same age as you because you know who or what the hell Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In is!

  20. @19

    excuse me?

    What kind of NEWBIE tool are you that you cant recognize the sarcasm?

    from your comments, Id take it that you are about 17 acting 90…and a stupid liberal trying to defend the world.

    NOW…STFU, get back in your prius and head to San Fran where someone gives a fuck, you stupid little cunt.

  21. Auntie Kryst

    Hell hath no fury like a hot pants wearing whore..

    @7 Sock it to me! It was a bit too early in the morning to remember JoAnn Worley dancing around in a bikini, but thanks all the same.

  22. @ #1, your a douche

  23. snarkymalarky

    I think the only way to truly prove if Rob had sex with the nanny is if I get it on with him…so let me get right on that and get back to you; haha. No, but seriously, I would say Rob is too hot to go after that ugly mugged nanny; but then I remembered what his wife looks like….Apparently pretty boy likes ugly girls, so who knows. But overall I still think he didn’t.

  24. Barely Stearn

    Hey Justice you dumb piece of shit: The R&M reference was a PRIME example of sarcasm given the reference to hot pants! You stupid douche: The term hot pants went out with Dean Martin stumbling around on stage pretending to have half a bag on. THAT WAS THE F*CKING POINT IDIOT!

    Love how you go on to lecture Kel about SARCASM: Jesus H.! That’s like Eliot Spitzer lecturing others on family values.

    By the way, did I happen to mention Justice is a stupid $%^!&!*…?

    Hey and by the way Justice: What’s up with the anti-liberal rant? Let me know when you’ve calmed down and stopped drooling and we can talk about all the closeted conservatives who NEVER practice a damn thing they preach…now why don’t you hop in your Humvee and go down to your nearest televangelist and blow him: I’m sure he’d appreciate the freebie from a great American like yourself.

  25. Deacon Jones



  26. Crappola

    Clearly, the Superficial Writer is a Saint among men.

  27. jbl

    @20 Way to have a conversation without petty childish name calling that exposes you as a giant, angry, undeducated tool.
    And i dont think anyone got your sarcasm. Maybe you’re just not funny at all.

  28. ?*&^%$

    Awesome! I’m a giant crazy whore too!

  29. Lori

    That izod shirt is more 80′s than Rob himself.

    Somebody take the guy shopping. Please.

  30. douchebag Mcgee

    I’ve been following all this drama for a while,
    and all I can really say is Rob Lowe is a fucking Pimp.
    Seriously, I want to grow up to be a douchebag
    as big as him, one day.

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