Rob Kardashian Sells His Socks The Only Way A Kardashian Knows How

Rob Kardashian’s stupid fucking socks that say stupid fucking shit on the bottom cost $15/pair, so if you buy them, you’re a stupid fucking shitstain who should be bound and gagged with them and beaten until you pass out with the words “naughty mommy” stretched over your eyes. So, of course, nobody’s buying them, which is why Rob and Blac Chyna actually shot a fucking 138 Water commercial that we couldn’t afford to buy photos of, because we spent our exclusives budget on Tom Hardy Uncensored Penis Photos. Clearly, we made the right call.

I was able to find this video of the photo shoot. Rob’s in it briefly at the end, but there’s going to be hell to pay, because I didn’t see any hardcore sex, so per family law he should have been at least 500 feet from the camera.

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Photo: Instagram