Blac Chyna Wants You To Stop Snapping Your Vagina At Rob Kardashian

In case it wasn’t absolutely crystal clear that Rob Kardsahian and Blac Chyna’s relationship is a one-way ticket to Sex Tape & Realty TV Junction, he opened a Snapchat account, which is odd for a reclusive diabetic who apparently can’t even speak English anymore. Via Us Weekly:

#PressPlay : #RobKardashian is now on #SnapChat !

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And if that got your pussy… snapping? Jesus Christ, do they do that? Who made these things?! Blac Chyna saw that shit and ain’t having it.

#PressPlay : Yass go awf for bae 😂😂😂 #BlacChyna #ChyRo

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If you’re wondering what the hell just happened here, let me put it as simply as possible: Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. Enough drugs that not only is Rob Kardashian getting laid, but whoever’s laying him is considering letting other people see said laying happen on video. Then again, maybe there’s a market for insulin porn I don’t know about. This is America after all. We’re fat as fuck.

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