Rihanna wears crazy shit

February 5th, 2010 // 80 Comments

Here’s Rihanna performing at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam in Miami last night and she has to be feeling pretty awesome considering this time last year she was recovering from a car door to the face. Also, I can see a whole lot of her right left tit which everyone knows is the antidote for depression. Not the fact that it’s out there, mind you, but the simple fact that I’m looking at it. Trust me, there’s been numerous clinical trials which my lawyer assures me will be knocked down to misdemeanor solicitation if they don’t find the fifth hooker in my crawlspace.


Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. hit me hurt me

    it’s like she’s in a Prince video

  2. kale

    superficial writer:

    take both hands and stretch your index and thumbs apart until they make a 90 degree angle. Whichever one looks like an “L” is your left hand.

  3. Aww, that’s so cute! the Superfishys can’t tell left from right.

  4. david

    You can see her left tit, not right. You Might want to review first grade curriculum.

  5. stifler

    it’s a good thing she has a vagina because she can’t sing.

  6. keithypoo

    If my daughter left the house looking like that, I would beat her ass. What? Too soon?


  7. ramalamadingdong

    God, she’s ugly.

  8. the truth

    this is what happens when trashy people try to dress like they’re “artsy”.

  9. The Superficial has been having quality problems for a while now. It used to be wry, though. Guess like any addict I’m still chasing the good buzz of the glory days. But seriously, this site is turning from a guilty pleasure to a bad, pointless habit that I need to shake.
    Geekologie is still great, though!

  10. OldGuy

    She looks like Willis from Diff’rent Strokes

  11. Ego

    she looks like she’s about to take a shit in that last pic.
    this makes me happy in my pants

  12. Ego

    she looks like she’s about to take a shit in that last pic.
    this makes me happy in my pants

  13. Frank

    Crab attack in pic #5. Scratch it baby, scratch it!

  14. Rough's word apps the Pllrice is FLREEEEE

    You ever observe a woman, any woman. Even the skinniest, how one minute their ass is symmetrical to their bodies. Upon the slightest bent the the ass just become HUGEEEE, which is one of the most endearing thing you can ever witness…No im not in a dry spell. THx

  15. Valerie

    So what? Fish never been to Burning Man?

  16. havoc

    I hear her rendition of Smack My Bitch Up is dope….


  17. temp

    haha, looked way better when the victoria’s secret model wore that in the VS fashion show.


  18. KC

    Look, she’s wearing a thneed.

  19. Post title is a fact that kids these days should learn in school.

  20. Melissa

    Rainbow Brite grew up.

  21. Gurple delux version

    Why do the uselessly eating African types have to grav their rancid crotches while they sing? Kinda nasty.

  22. Harold^Sick

    Oh I definitely would.

  23. gigi

    to rephrase the eloquent & brilliant Paul Mooney: “everybody wanna be Gaga, and nobody wanna be Gaga….” just sayin….

  24. Ri is a stupid kid skank who lets months of ear wax build up


    see for yourself, child

  25. JDM

    Hey, it is the Left boob, okay? HER left boob. Yeah, it’s our right because we’re looking at her, but so what? Doesn’t mean the caption/article thing was wrong.

    And now to my question…w hat’s the tattoo under her left breast? The picture doesn’t enlarge enough for me to see it.

  26. Rasputins Liver


    I dunno, man. Really, this broad is kinda on the grotesque side of things.
    Oh, her bod’s alright. I mean, she’d be ok for a drunken one nighter. But that face is…is….like lookin’ at the back end of some dog.
    Oh well, glad I don’t have to wake up next to that. Besides, who’d want Chris Brown’s sloppy, sloppy seconds?


  27. minx

    @17. temp

    Hah it looks so hot on the VS model and so stupid on Rihanna.

  28. IronChic

    You know your getting old when you see Oaktown 357 & Flo Jo’s style being redone!!!

  29. Boonie

    She dresses like that because she has a HUGE ass NO tits and a hairdresser who hates her.

  30. Russian Kunt

    Something that belongs in a Baby Phat catalogue.

    Cheap and tacky.

  31. timmy the dying boy

    Rihanna wears crazy shit? I guess you really are what you wear.

  32. Hitler

    No talent and ugly. No way to go through life.
    Still….she’s got a big forehead…..HOT DAMN!!!

    I LOVE KIDS!!!

  33. Why does this cockatoo always grab her snatch?

  34. Crazy shit or not, she could still get it.

  35. Blech

    Puh-leeze! Rihanna was a star out here before that freak-show, Gaga. I like Gaga, but not everybody wants to be her. She’s totally unoriginal and only wears her get-ups to prove… To prove… To distract us from her big nose and butter face!

    I think Rihanna is awesome and you’re all just jealous ’cause you can’t pull off this outfit. Now go back to vacuuming your Cheetos.

  36. po

    Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish: http://www.real-wishes.com

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted…


  37. pretty girl but there’s a thin line between being stylish and looking like a fool. She crossed that line with that outfit.

  38. Jeff

    no wonder chris brown hit her

  39. Perfect Double Tapered

    This outfit poses a dilemma for me. Do I punch her on the side with the fabric or the side that doesn’t?

    – C. Brown

  40. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She looks like St. Caluse’s raunhcy widow. She used to wear nice garments in the beginning. She is a goodlooking girl (except for the forehead). Looks like she managed to piss off even her gay Italian designers. Now Britney wears messy hair because she doesn’t wash/brush it and some go to the hairdressers and I bet pay big buck to look like THAT, damn awful.

  41. Might be crazy, but I’m loving it!

  42. rekk

    By definition, everything she wears is hideous

  43. bleh

    Is it just me or is this chick looking kiiiinnndda fat lately

  44. That is just stupid looking!

  45. Is it just me or is this chick looking kiiiinnndda fat lately

  46. sdfsdfds

    Can all these people please stop trying to be Lady Gaga??? I know she paid some stylists to look like that, too, but she kind of coined the look.

  47. People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our conuntry and safeguard our policy. Join Kis sm ilitary.coooooom, show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  48. Dan Fouts

    “Hooker in the crawl space”? Fuck that, can you say “nigger in the living room”?

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