Rihanna Dumped Chris Brown Again

May 1st, 2013 // 20 Comments
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Posted by Photo Boy

On Monday Chris Brown‘s dad cockblocked the shit out of him by publicly stating Rihanna‘s not the right girl. Since then several things have happened.

1. Chris releases the track “I Can’t Win,” which I both refuse to listen to and assume is about playing checkers with 5 year olds.
2. Some dude posts pics of he and Rihanna kissing each other on Instagram.
3. Chris unfollows Rihanna, then follows his ex, Karrueche Tran, on Twitter.
4. Rihanna wears sexy, yet functional bruise-covering medical equipment as shoes.

Since there’s been no statement about their relationship status — and assuming Chris Brown’s dad is either dead or has been beaten into silence — I’m making the leap that Rihanna kicked Chris’ ass to the curb and dove onto the nearest penis. That’s how adult relationships work. (I learned everything I know about dating from Girls.)

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  1. They’re both still alive? Pity.

  2. Between Girls and the Real Housewives shows, it’s clear who controls the remote in the Photo Boy household.

  3. thegrouchomarxist

    I have to ask: who gives a crap about this??? This site is becoming just simply boring. Not lewd. Not funny. Not entertaining. Boring.

    • flaT

      The past 1.5 years here have been very very simple re-hashes of TMZ posts with different pictures. A few years back we got hilariously mean write-ups and some wonderful nip slips… these days…. Amanda Bynes 15 times a week.

  4. Griefer

    She’ll be back.

  5. Rihanna Bandage Brace High Heels Legs Short Shorts
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember when Bart put stamps all over Lisa and tried to mail her away? Somebody tried to do that to Rhianna.

  6. Cock Dr

    It would be one thing if, out of all this romantic angst, these 2 dingbats were producing heartbreakingly beautiful love songs for the ages.
    That is certainly not happening.
    Looking at Rihanna and her garb I have to conclude that her not so subliminal message to all of us is: I’m a confused & broken mess.

  7. The checkers comment is comedy gold!

  8. Oh, Photo Boy… “Girls” is just a plot to make people get used to seeing Lena Dunham naked. Gleaning it for dating tips is a surefire way to end up fucking a manatee.

  9. These two idiots will be breaking up and making up for the next 10 years. I have ceased to care about them unless one or both of them die, in which case I have a bottle of champagne ready. My preference for death is Beater Brown.

  10. I was terribly saddened to see Rihanna’s leg braces. I had thought polio was eradicated from the face of the Earth…they’re what? A style of shoe? Not polio…??? What the fuck?

  11. Rihanna Bandage Brace High Heels Legs Short Shorts
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    She got super fantastic legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rihanna Bandage Brace High Heels Legs Short Shorts
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  13. under no illusions

    One of them will call at 2:00 in the morning for booty call… I know they both like rough sex , I just can’t decide who is the sexual sadist in this relationship

  14. unreasoning anxiety

    she’s a cum dumpster

  15. Now, you see, knee braces are for people who need them, Rihanna.

    Donate those to some needy charity and put on a set of shoes, willya?

  16. Rihanna Bandage Brace High Heels Legs Short Shorts
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    From the way she is dressed I’d say she is dating Will i am’s stylist.

  17. Truth

    If you haven’t figured it out, Rihanna has been in control of the relationship since Chris fell in awe at 15 and followed her everywhere…at her command. She never claimed him as more that a “good friend”.

    Looking at old interviews, he admitted that he liked her but thoufht that he couldn’t “holler at her because she’s a homie.” She had him with her as her escort at many events, mentioned on “The View” and during other interviews. She was known to order him about and pat him on his head like a little puppy. The only time he broke free was at 18, after they had a fight (and she is violent, so he was probably defending himself). She hit him several times before that night, publicly went off on him, and instead of him leaving he stayed and I guess snapped. He beat her, won the fight and was wrong because he’s stronger, taller and outweighs her and is a man. Totally wrong. The headlock was to prevent her from slapping him in the face while he was driving. She snatched out the keys, threw the phone, punched, et al. The bite was when her hand went in his mouth as she tried to scratch his eyes out..,in a jealous rage about the other woman’s booty call text. It was rumored to be his manager, Tina Davis, and who was said to be his lover (rumored throughout the industry – his 15 to her 40 and he lied to Rihanna about it. She was enraged and jealous. The blows to the leg were as she tried to kick him, while driving. She admitted as much. He tried to push her out of the car after telling her to get out but she was belted in.

    Rihanna got back with him shortly after the fight and demanded that he get rid of his manager, Tina Davis – the one who got him the record deal and jobs. He refused. They split and the court’s demanded they stay apart. A year later, he fired Tina.

    Note that neither would tell the details of what happened…the name of the texter. Before his telephone could be suppoenaed, he pled guilty where originally, he said that if the truth came out it would be seen as self-defense. She didn’t want to press charges but the state did. He wouldn’t admit to her hitting him (most men won’t). He didn’t drink or smoke anything before the incident, an athlete, he cared for his body. She partied hard, drank and smoked marijuana. After the incident…both began to drink excessively. He also began to smoke marijuana and cigarettes. Now, she drinks/smokes to excess and posts it.

    He probably should have bailed long ago, the first time before but he was in throes of young love. He loved buying her gifts and hanging out with her. When she would blow up, he used to laugh and try to joke her out of it. She called him childish. Afterwards, he went to anger management (probably needs to return because he still reacts to the aggression of others); she refused to go. He can be victimized because to pick at him and have him blow a fuse makes news…and kudos for the perpetrator. i.e. Frank Ocean, the parking attendant that he gave $100 to hold and wanted $10 more. He and Drake did not fight. Their entourages did. Drake just disrespected Chris and Rihanna. “I f__ked your first love, now deal with it”. Chris had his back turned and was unaware when the bottles came flying. He got cut/hit on the chin. TMZ (and they hate him) has picture proof.

    Karruche is/was a groupie…a wannabe model (out of a bunch who hang with rappers, actors. ballers – big spenders) who latched onto him but seems to have turned out to be a good “rebound chick”. She went along with whatever he wanted and even recruited girls for him. This is known throughout the area/places where they frequent. Chris was mourning Rihanna and still is, in a way. He was proud to complete his domestic abuse counseling and often repeats what he learned and was embarrassed that he repeated what his mother’s abuser did to her.

    Rihanna quit counseling after a few sessions…claiming work and whatever. She saw domestic abuse at home and has the resultant anger issues (broke a bottle on her brothers’ face causing 17 stitches), is impatient, controlling, spoiled and insecure about who she can trust. Men are after her all of the time for sex, exposure and rich lifestyle…as women are to Chris.

    She and Chris were best friends starting in the business a week apart. She doesn’t want him with anyone else. He has the better business mind, talent (writing, dancing, performing, art, directing, producing), and personality. He seems tired of indiscriminate sexing, prefers her with him but had given up the thought of possibility of reuniting with her and had started dating others. Karruche lasted nearly a year and a half…then Rihanna let the world know that she “loved” Chris and went after him. He seemed afraid to trust her and wanted to hold onto what he knew – yet he wanted to be with her and probably thought he could get the old relationship back. Eventually, he went back but now she seems to torture him…constant breakups if he doesn’t give in to her demands. She does it publicly, sure to humiliate. There doesn’t seem to be a win for him with her.

    I’ve been noticing their music and performances over the years, and force fed their relationship often, thru the media. If you want viewers or notice, just write or comment on either of their names or their relationship.

    Men who abuse can be redeemed, if they put in the work. This relationship is too one-sided to be healthy or trusted.

    Hope for the best…expect the worst…and Chris may not be the one who does the damage – emotionally or physically. All these things I’ve written can be checked out with careful research and interviews. Many know the truth about Rihanna’s temper, attitude, ability to be provocative and to fight AND the dynamics of that relationship. I think they may both care about each other but don’t know HOW to love each other. It is sad.

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