Rihanna Dumped Chris Brown Again

Posted by Photo Boy

On Monday Chris Brown’s dad cockblocked the shit out of him by publicly stating Rihanna’s not the right girl. Since then several things have happened.

1. Chris releases the track “I Can’t Win,” which I both refuse to listen to and assume is about playing checkers with 5 year olds.
2. Some dude posts pics of he and Rihanna kissing each other on Instagram.
3. Chris unfollows Rihanna, then follows his ex, Karrueche Tran, on Twitter.
4. Rihanna wears sexy, yet functional bruise-covering medical equipment as shoes.

Since there’s been no statement about their relationship status — and assuming Chris Brown’s dad is either dead or has been beaten into silence — I’m making the leap that Rihanna kicked Chris’ ass to the curb and dove onto the nearest penis. That’s how adult relationships work. (I learned everything I know about dating from Girls.)

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News