And Rihanna & Chris Brown Are F*cking Again

December 27th, 2012 // 53 Comments
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Earlier in the month, Chris Brown got over the novelty of proving Rihanna would totally bang him again and bounced her to the curb to get back with Karrueche Tran, who in his defense, probably can’t afford a personal karate instructor. Rihanna then went on a Twitter screed about how awesome it is being single while calling Chris Brown a “motherfucker,” so naturally on Christmas Day she showed up at a Lakers game with him and probably would’ve banged him right in there in the stands if he balled up his fist just right because them 2 fer realz like THeNoTEboOk! (I’m Team Breezy now. They have funner words.)

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  1. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    “Bwahahahaha look at those clowns up on the monitor!!! Wait…”

  2. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    One of these days Rihanna, one of these days… POW right in the kisser!!

    • Dirty Sanchez

      He’s already done that. Apparently he’s already smacked her in the forehead so hard with his knob that she’s forgotten.

      If she gets her ass beat again, she deserves it. She should have learned the first time.

      • Read my long reply below. “Deserve” has nothing to do with it, to quote Will Munny.

      • Dirty Sanchez

        While I’m not an advocate of violence to women, she’s a damn fool for getting involved with him again. There’s no guarantee that he won’t take the same road as before and beat her face to a bloody pulp.

      • I never said she wasn’t a damned fool. Clearly, she is. But when Chris Brown beats Rihanna up again, a lot of people will say she “had it coming to her”.

        But there is nothing anyone can do or so to dissuade her. Look at what Rihanna’s own father says about Chris Brown. My male relatives would have to be kept from murder if a man had beaten me like that.

      • Bob

        She DOES deserve to beaten again. The first time, she was a victim, anytime after that, she’s giving her informed consent.

      • Bob, your comment could have been written by millions of abusive men (and their enablers). It’s BS.

  3. Why can’t he just beat this stupid cunt to death already so that we can be rid of both of them?

    • karlito

      i just hope that when he does kill her this time, they put is sorry ass in jail for life. and when he gets there, he gets that ass slammed by Bubba and company every single day. that’s probably what he wants anyway.

    • Calling a woman a “cunt” puts you in the same category as Chris Brown.

  4. Oh, they’re fucking, all right. Fucking stupid, fucking annoying, fucking talentless…

  5. Gary Grant

    On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 12 beat downs on Rihanna.

  6. Snooki's Taint

    Pop Quiz: If he were a donkey, he’d give her a __________ ________.

  7. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
    Deacon Jones
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    “*psst*….do you believe they didn’t get the fiscal cliff deal wrapped up before Christmas?”

  8. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
    Deacon Jones
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    (think, Deacon, THINK…how can you write what you’re thinking without getting deleted??)

  9. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
    Deacon Jones
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    “mmm, yeah baby….I say we take her home and double-team her…you two can take turns banging me with a dil—, I MEAN, SUCKING MY DICK, BITCH! YOU THINK I’M GAY OR SUMTHIN?! ”

    (clocks Rihanna across jaw)

  10. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    “The cheat-code to my heart is PUNCH-PUNCH-KICK-BITE-PUNCH….”

  11. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    “That’s it, baby. Slowly tense the muscles in your jaw, just like that. Soon your mouth will close, and all that drool will stop dripping out.”

  12. No surprise here. I predicted this from the moment they “broke up” earlier this month.

  13. My mom always said “stupid is as stupid does”.

  14. Techman

    You make it sound like they ever stopped.

  15. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
    Uncurious George
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    Why is he wearing work boots to a basketball game?

  16. *stands on her soapbox*

    All over the world, millions of women are psychologically and physically abused by their husbands and boyfriends. They are humiliated, beaten, and terrorized. Most are afraid to leave because the police can’t or won’t protect them from further violence at the hands of their male partners, or else they don’t have the money to leave.

    Yet here we have Rihanna, who has money of her own, enough to hire bodyguards, even, and she chooses to return to a man who beat her face until it was unrecognizable. I believe that Chris Brown might have killed her the night he beat her, and in the future, he might.

    Chris Brown has not shown any change in his attitude. He is still infamous for having a hot, violent temper. And yet she chooses this man, when she is young, rich, and pretty, with so many men available to her?

    Rihanna suffers from an emotional disorder. No woman “deserves” to get beaten, abused, or killed, not even one who chooses to return to a relationship with a man who once beat her so badly she had to be hospitalized. But that this point, the only person who can help Rihanna is herself.

    Chris Brown WILL beat her again. I only hope that the next time around, Rihanna survives without permanent injury and finally learns her lesson.

    *stands down from her soapbox*

    Sorry, I’m a Swedish feminist. I had to make that speech. Now go back to drinking your Haterade.

    • “Rihanna‘s father would like his daughter to marry Chris Brown – despite the R&B star beating her up three years ago.

      Ronald Fenty has more than forgiven the bad boy for his assault and is now hoping he asks for her hand in marriage.

      “Whatever makes her happy. I hope one day she will get married,” he told Life & Style. “Everyone adores Chris; he’s a super guy.”

      Why does he have so much love for the star?

      “The family loved Chris Brown before they even met him,” Fenty continued. “I always thought he was extremely talented. He always gave me great respect.”

      Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, began dating in 2008, but their relationship ended when he brutally assaulted her one year later.

      However, the two have seemingly rekindled their romance after Brown broke up with girlfriend Karrueche Tran at the beginning of October 2012.”

      So now we understand the problem. If a man had beaten me the way Chris Brown did to Rihanna, my father would NOT forgive him and he certainly wouldn’t encourage me to marry him! Rihanna’s emotional problems come from her father.

  17. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    I’m glad they got a picture of her teeth, because this will be the last time we see them all in her head like that.

  18. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
    oh Namr
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    “AHahaha and I told him, he only needed a PINCH of pepper.”

  19. Dick Trickle

    Is it too late to ask Santa for a Murder/Suicide?

  20. Dr.J.Fever

    These two damaged morons rihanna-chris-brown and their ‘relationship’ came up at a holiday party. At the party I talked to another guest a Fireman/EMS paramedic. Beer was flowing so I asked about best and worst calls. Best was easy – freeing a little boy from a locked trunk just in the nick of time to save him. Worst was also easy. This is when he mentioned the morons rihanna-chris-brown. He said just like them the woman had the $ means to leave and no kids but she kept going back even after extreme beatings that broke bones. Then one day the guy started beating her and he killed her. But not before breaking almost all the bones in her face and fracturing her skull in three places AND breaking 8 other bones not including all the bones in one of her hands. After beating her semi-conscious he took a knife to her cutting pieces of her flesh off as she tried to get away, AND then he shot her four times.

    After the Fireman/EMS paramedic told me this he shuddered and said they had only been called to scene to help the coroner find all the pieces of this woman and that there was blood on the walls and ceilings of every room on the first floor of this house.

    That is why this Fireman/EMS paramedic discourages his daughter and nieces from being fans of the damaged morons rihanna-chris-brown because he knows that this is how it will end.

    This story took place in the Twin Cities area and the murderer is doing life in prison.

    • What a dreadful story…but less extreme cases happen by the millions every day, all over the world. Men are the victims of physical and emotional abuse, too.

      Most women don’t have Rihanna’s advantages: the money to live independently of her abuser, the money to buy physical protection from him (bodyguards), and public support for that decision. But Rihanna has chosen to go back to her abuser.×394.png

      That’s a link to Rihanna’s face after Chris Brown beat her. And the tattoo he got on his neck. Clearly, it’s her.

      This is a sick relationship and is just going to end in tragedy

      • Dr.J.Fever

        Yep on all counts Veronika! The shitty thing here is that the MSM will have morons saying ‘No one could have predicted that he’d beat her to death.’ And people will weep and cry over poor Rihanna, if only she had stopped being with him. More “… if only” BS just like Whitney and hundreds of others.

      • More likely is next time, she’ll disappear from public sight until the bruises heal. Rihanna will feel ashamed that it happened again, and blame herself. Then she’ll start to escape into drugs and alcohol, just like Whitney Houston did. Once she starts sliding down…well, let’s just say her FATHER certainly isn’t going to help her. He’s the one who is encouraging her to marry this abusive creep.

      • And the reason he’s doing that is because Fenty’s an abuser himself. Praising Chris Brown – and by extension, his fisty and hair-trigger temper behavior, more than legitimizes Fenty’s own abuse toward Rihanna’s mother. And since abuse isn’t confined to a vacuum, it was probably applied to everyone else in the family, including his daughter – she’s already stated tat he wasa wonderful father, and all she had to “forgive” him for was how he treated her nother. When you grow up thinking that men who really love women say it with their fists, your mindset is already fucked from the get-go – and the chances that you’ll end up with an abuser (or dead) are in the 90% range.

  21. cc

    He’s laced on the Kodiaks…I guess he wants to save his hands.

  22. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Maybe these 2 will provide the celebrity murder-suicide incident that Spencer & Heidi failed to deliver as expected.

  23. mermaid

    she babysitting that drink

  24. Sandy

    I’am astonished at the outrageous remarks of the person who wrote this article. Have you no work ethical respect…you cuss like a drunk sailor; to mention only one example. Most of these comments sound like they were made by an age group of 12-15. OMG, please don’t tell me these are adults with that level of maturity. Disgusting to say the very least.
    Does anybody have self-pride at all?

  25. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    I would punch him right there in the throat.

  26. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    Will you feed me like Alicia Siverstone does her kid? Please?

  27. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    He who smelt it dealt it.

  28. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    He who smelt it dealt it.

  29. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    You wanna blow in my ear? Are you nuts?

  30. anonymoose

    Have we seen 2 uglier dudes?

  31. The police who investigated when she was beaten up said it was clear from her specific attempts to defend herself and to escape, that this was not the first time Rhianna had been beaten up, and it was obvious to the police that she had learnt from some source how to behave during an assault. Then she famously attempted to drop the charges. An abused woman will typically not leave her abuser until after she has been attacked six or seven times. She now says its”nobodies business,” what happens between them. Hope she won’t die.

  32. Rihanna Chris Brown Lakers Game
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    Those are two ugly ass people. Lol. I am sorry but I couldn’t help myself. Lol

  33. Burt

    A celebrity who has low self-esteem? Impossible.

  34. guest

    why don’t you people stop worrying bout Rihanna she could care less about what you say or feel. You have no love for her or yourself ..sad need to see a therapist.

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