Rihanna In A Bikini Understands Christmas

December 20th, 2012 // 22 Comments

Now that Chris Brown dumped her to get back together with Karrueche Tran – “Your forehand hurts my hand too much,” he probably said. – here’s Rihanna back home in Barbados yesterday where she’s apparently going to spend the holidays doing nothing but wearing a bikini and getting drunk by herself. Which means we’re literally moments away from watching her attempt to thwart the Mayan apocalypse with drunken butt sex which, according to the prophecy, will only work if done with a pale white boy of slender build. To the airport!

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News


  1. Cock Dr

    I would feel just a little sorry for her, what with getting humiliated and dumped by a douche, except that she’s beautiful, rich, young and probably has several pounds of what is probably the best reefer in the world behind those Barbados beach villa doors.

    • Drew

      Beautiful. Haha, good one.

      Also, Barbados probably gets their weed from Mexican strains and/or suppliers. In other words, it’s probably shit. Come up to Western Canada, we’ll show you what good weed is.

      • Cock Dr

        Have Santa put some magic from the north in my Xmas stocking.

      • Horticultural, behavioral, and personality issues aside, I agree with Cock Dr. I think Rihanna is pretty easy on the eyes. I’ve been waiting for her to call me ever since she and “Brownie” went their separate ways. I know, she’s probably very busy…

      • islandgirl

        Drew shut the fuck up this is the West Indies, we don’t get weed from anywhere else. we grow shit!!!!

  2. And a Merry Kadooment to her.

  3. Rihanna Bikini
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    Great tattoo. Looks like her boobs have a mustache now.

  4. dirtdog

    She is a pig.

  5. Rihanna Bikini
    Monsignor Nelson
    Commented on this photo:

    Reefer dingleberries are the worst.

  6. What an idiot

    If you’ve ever heard her speak, she’s as stupid as a bag of doorknobs. She got dumped, and she tweeted some stupid hood rat ghetto phrase like “investigate what you speculate”; something that only other illiterate hood rats would understand because it’s so fucking stupid…

  7. blurpyfart

    She is mad classy!

  8. kery

    she is not relevant anymore :)

  9. Rihanna Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    “Lenny Kravitz, you scared me!”

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