Rick Ross Targeted In Drive-By Shooting

January 28th, 2013 // 33 Comments
Rick Ross
WATCH: Rick Ross Targeted In Drive-By Shooting

Presumably because Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fighting over a parking space was a sad commentary on the current state of hip-hop music – One of them even stayed and talked to the police. Politely! – rapper Rick Ross was targeted in a drive-by shooting that caused him to crash his Rolls Royce into an apartment building in Fort Lauderdale this morning, according to NBC 10. He survived along with a female passenger, but no one has any idea who or where the shooters are. But before this devolves into blaming all gun crimes on black people like every single gun control debate on this site inevitably does, here’s one for the honkies via Gawker:

The teenage daughter of a Minnesota man is accusing him of a pointing an AK-47 at her because she brought home a disappointing report card.
Kirill Bartashevitch, 52, of St. Paul was arrested and charged with two counts of felony terroristic threats for allegedly threatening his daughter and wife with an assault rifle.
Police say Bartashevitch recently purchased the weapons because he was concerned that President Obama was planning to ban them.

It’s almost as if owning a gun makes people, regardless of color, act even stupider than they already are, but I probably shouldn’t say that out lou- NO. It’s too late! The King of England’s already in my house! I was a fool, a damned foo- No, not my toothpaste! Don’t throw away my toothpaste! SAVE YOURSELVES!

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  1. anonymous

    Well, gee, shit for brains…. if you don’t want political comments to get out of hand, maybe you should keep your political views to yourself and stick to posting hot chicks in bikinis and stories about who is banging who in Hollywood. Mmmmkay?

    • Arlene

      I’ve got even a better idea, asshole. If you don’t like the political commentary why don’t you get your fascist ass off this site. It’s called freedom of speech, nimrod.

      • That’s right… the First Amendment.

      • Bryan

        I don’t like the political commentary in this case because it’s on a topic Fish is clearly totally ignorant about, like most gun-controllers, and it’s hard to maintain respect for someone with strong opinions on topics they know literally nothing about.

        And before you try, I’m a far-left socialist, nimrod.

    • Alien Observer

      Does anybody know exactly when conservatives started whining so much? It used to be liberals, whining about any of hundreds of “causes” while conservatives stuck to a few key issues (fiscal policy, defense) and were relentlessly aggressive. Now it’s all passive-aggressive teenage-girl whining like Mr. ItHurtsMeToReadIt here. When exactly did the gonadectomies occur?

    • “If you don’t want political comments to get out of hand, maybe you should keep your political views to yourself” = “You can’t have political discussion without racist fucktardery cropping up. It’s just not possible.”

      • I’m not sure this came out the way I wanted it to, so let me be plain.

        Just because a political discussion might devolve into an ugly tone does not mean the discussion shouldn’t have been started in the first place.

  2. Bryan

    Your site is hilarious but damned if you aren’t ignorant as HELL about guns and gun control.

    • Arlene

      Wow, we have a gun control expert commenting. Please share your expertise!

      • Bryan

        I’d love to. What particular areas of the debate are you completely ignorant of?

      • Arlene

        Why is the NRA is against conducting background checks on people that want to purchase assault weapons? Thanks in advance for informing us!

      • Bryan, people are waiting to be illuminated.
        Please proceed.

      • Bryan

        Sure thing, Mario.

        1. The NRA does not represent all, or possibly even most, gun owners. I readily admit that they are partisan, stodgy and out-of-touch. The best thing that could happen for the debate is for Wayne LaPierre to get fired and be replaced by someone young and level-headed. By the way, they are a tiny lobby with a minuscule fraction of a percentage of the funding that healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and a dozen other more insidious industries get. They are no hulking boogie man.

        2. Why do you care so much about “assault weapons” (a meaningless scare-term made up by gun controllers) and their background checks when they account for an insignificant percentage of gun crime? Do you care about background checks on hunting shotguns? 5-shot revolvers? Small-bore target pistols?

        3. Background checks only became a thing in 1968. Before that, anyone could have a gun mailed to their door. Violent crime rates are currently at near-record lows, approaching the rates we saw in those halcyon days, despite the existence of 10s of millions more guns. If background checks did anything, we wouldn’t have seen the waves of violence in the late 80s and early 90s that have since vanished. In fact, if the GCA did anything, crime would have dropped precipitously in the 70s. Connect the dots – the checks have no effect on crime.

        4. Current background checks must be conducted by a dealer who invariably charges a fee. These fees can go up to $100. They also function great as an impediment to poor people acquiring a gun to defend themselves. But, one thing I’ve learned is that gun-controllers couldn’t care less about those savage minorities and poor people defending themselves. Gun control is always based on privilege.

        5. A small percentage of gun crimes are committed with guns bought without a background check. Most are handguns stolen from legal owners or bought through straw purchases – a criminal has his girlfriend buy it for him. Sooo….what is the point again? Oh, right, to stick it to law-abiding poor people and gun hobbyists who you’ve no doubt otherized as loony fascist racists. By the way, Adam Lanza stole his guns from his idiot mother.

        6. Our national background check system is spotty at best, and nothing close some Minority Report database that you probably have in mind. There are no requirements on what gets reported or by whom.

        7. Gun control works by incrementalism. Because most measures controllers propose are based in ignorance and have no effect on crime, serving only to inconvenience or restrict law abiding citizens, new laws don’t work. Then, controllers get to wring their hands about how they just have to enact MORE laws! This time will be the trick! Nope, it never ends. The noose tightens, and eventually law abiders have no guns, while the criminals still do. That’s why the NRA wisely seeks to block any slip down that slope.

        I could keep going but I’m at work and this will no doubt fall of deaf ears.

      • Why is the NRA allowed to write legislation limiting the scope, staffing, and powers of the ATF?

  3. A Rolls Royce is a pretty huge vehicle, and this dude that was driving it is the size of a house – so how the hell did the shooter manage to miss him? I hope when somebody does a drive by on Chris Brown, that they’re a better shot than this.

  4. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    So what, now we are going to start blaming the Russians for poor gun control in America?!

  5. I heard that Fish does skeet shooting at camp david all the time. HYPOCRITE!!!

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    I feel like there is a “In soviet russia” joke here but I’d rather shoot myself in the face with an AK47 than make it.

  7. JohnnyHildo

    soo..I don’t get what story B had to do with story A, but I’m confused alot. Should I be celebrating another example of the burgeoning racial diversity in the Midwest? Orrrr…just a hot button topic to generate clicks?? Now then, where’s them boobies??

  8. mike

    It’s really a shame that there’s like a 1:1 correlation between being a white gun nut and being a total fucking racist, because otherwise retarded American men of *all* colours and creeds could bond over their shared love of having the ability to shoot themselves and/or their domestic partners at any time. it would be a beautiful thing.

  9. You know what would have helped in this situation? More guns. And sharks with lasers beams attached to their heads.

    Flame away.

  10. Arlene

    Laser cats are the ultimate weapon.

  11. grobpilot

    Very sad that the only thing that keeps the gun control debate going is for gun control advocates to latch onto the latest nut who blows a bunch of people away and then proceed to blame it on every gun owner who has never done anything wrong with a firearm. They’re just waiting for the day that us gun owners suddenly blow a fuse all at once and start Armageddon. Fish, shut the fuck up with your political commentary and post more tits. Stick to what you’re marginally good at.

    • Nothing says “responsible gun owner” like threatening to start Armageddon.

      • grobpilot

        Don’t misinterpret what I said. Responsible gun-owners are not waiting for the day they can start Armageddon. Gun control advocates simply expect us to and want to take our guns. They expect that it’s going to be easier to take guns from those who’ve committed no crime. They figure that criminals are simply too nasty and dangerous to deal with so, go after the ones who don’t break the law. What kind of sense does that make?

  12. Mohambi Johnson

    50 Cent thinks it was staged: Why weren’t there any bullet holes in the car?

    You almost had me, Officer (T)Ricky.

  13. Steve Naismith

    Surveillance video of the shooting posted on YouTube already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

  14. yuik

    even with money these people carry on like this

  15. slinky

    waitaminute…wait one fucking minute…. that isn’t Mr T????

    who knew

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