Remember How Flat And Awesome And Amazing Megan Fox’s Stomach Was In Transformers?

August 21st, 2012 // 37 Comments

There’s only one way to put this:



  1. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    At least she is getting rid of the tattoos

  2. Sandusky

    Preggo belly on her is so hot. seriously. it’s not like she’s gotten jessica simpson fat

  3. j.j

    who cares if her stomach isnt super flat anymore, shes having a baby get over it!

  4. Keno

    What, so she has sex with Admiral General Aladeen and now she’s pregnant?? I can’t wait to see the baby’s supreme beard…

  5. Beaver Underground

    Sometimes a sound can express a thousand words. Love this “article”.

  6. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
    Beaver Underground
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    Is her dress a Rorschach test? Because that owl is staring at me and it’s starting to piss me off.

  7. The Real Beef

    Who the fuck wears shoes like that when they are pregnant?

    • Inner Retard

      I was thinking the same. Then I realized we are talking about someone stupid enough to rip on the director of a multi-billion dollar movie franchise.

    • Cock Dr

      Celebrity bimbos with a closet full of free designer shoes who only gain 6 pounds during the duration of their pregnancy and know that their photos will be constantly taken whenever they step out in public…that’s who.
      She has an owl on her frock… annoying.

  8. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    her body is still amazing even with child. clearly didnt go the jessica simpson route. good for her

  9. Buddy The Elf

    That tummy bulge is much larger than her future career hopes.

  10. Well, at least there are no visible cankles or flabby arms… which means she’ll be back to uber hotness a few weeks after popping out David Silver’s spawn. Wait did I just support this?

  11. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
    Cock Dr
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    It’s nice that her husband seems like such an understanding guy.
    He knows that the only reason she had sex with monkey man Shia LaBeaof and Michale Bey was for the well being of the Transformers franchise. Success in the industry requires hard work and sacrifice.

  12. El Jefe

    She looks hot as hell pregnant.

  13. The woman is pregnant, what the fuck is wrong with you?

  14. Jack Ketch

    No. Does anyone remember how cute she was naturally before she fucked up her face with cheek implants and too much Botox ? Or when she would actually smile properly ? No ??

  15. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    Why do pregnant celebrities always wear high shoes? Like yea your 3″ taller but that doesn’t really slim the effects that an unborn human has on the front of your dress.

  16. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    Hipno toad!

  17. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    yeah, i flipped through the whole gallery looking for a pic where i could say she’s hot, and every time the belly just killed it for me. pregnancy guts sure seem to turn a lot of men on but I gotta wonder if they;re just closet chubby-chasers who don’t want to come out fully because of the financial strain that dating a big woman would have on their food budget

  18. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    Maybe it’s the distance, but it looks like her plastic surgery face is normalizing. She looks good.

  19. Hey ToeFinger.
    Where ya been hiding?

  20. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    From this photo,the average person would guess wrong which is pregnant.

  21. The Royal Penis

    I’d still do her. Seth MacFarlane knows the whole deal. He’s got life by the balls, so why reinvent the wheel?

  22. …We need to go deeper

  23. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    Would definitely fuck her even though she’e pregnant. As long as she doesn’t start talking, I’m good to go.

  24. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    She looks beautiful

  25. Herman Bumfudle

    wow! you’re beautiful! i just had a weird memory. you would do what, to meet who! silly butt beautiful. don’t do it again!

  26. Jay

    Why does Tony Scott die, but this twat still lives. I hope she trips walking down the stairs and loses that kid. We have enough retarded mongoloids on our planet.

  27. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    nooo tell me the pregnancy isn’t going to ruin that absolutly beautiful body of hers i was just watchin transformers that she was in when she was 21 i kept think damn, if i was only sam in that movie she’d have alredy been pregnant by now !;)

  28. Megan Fox Baby Bump Floral Print Dress
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    gorgeous body *

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