Reese Witherspoon Went Surfing

Posted by Photo Boy

Since it seems like today’s theme has inadvertently become Bodies Ravaged By ____ Day, (See: Lindsay = Geological Side Effects, Octomom = Clown Car Uterus, and Snooki = Pickle Juice And Semen) here’s Reese Witherspoon sporting a wet-suit shirt while surfing in Hawaii. I wouldn’t be so crass to imply that pregnancy ruins a woman’s body. Actually, I think I just did that a sentence and a half ago which makes me a liar. In that case, doesn’t Reese look amazing? I bet Ryan Phillippe wishes he’d never moved on to Amanda Seyfried with whom he was able to have sex without worrying about taking a mandible to the jugular. Sarcasm. The laziest form of comedy since home video nut shots.

Photo: Flynet, Splash News