Reese Witherspoon is Probably Pregnant

Over the past few weeks, Reese Witherspoon has looked like this and this despite being a jogging enthusiast who looked like this just before getting married to Jim Toth. Which probably explains why she really didn’t want to be photographed leaving her doctor’s office yesterday with a prominent baby bump that I’m sure we’ll all hear is another attack by the angles and weird shirt conglomerate. However, keep in mind Reese Witherspoon is 35, and if she’s going to have another kid, now’s the time to do it without.. how do I put this sensitively? Shatting a retard baby like Sarah Palin did. Which is probably the least inflammatory way I could’ve said that. I’m like a pregnant lady whisperer, soothing my herd. “Shhh, there, there, cow. There, th- Oh, God, stampede! WHAT DID I SAY?!”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News