Randy Quaid sues Brokeback people

randy-quaid-sue.jpgRandy Quaid is suing the Brokeback Mountain producers for at least $10 million in damages because they tricked him into working for a super low price by telling him it was “a low-budget, art-house film, with no prospect of making any money.”

“Yet from day one, defendants fully intended that the film would not be made on a low budget, would be given a worldwide release, and would be supported as the studio picture it always was secretly intended to be,” the lawsuit says.

I’d be pretty pissed too if somebody talked me into making a gay cowboy movie for $5 and a coffee, and then it went on to make over $80 million and everybody involved got an Academy Award nomination except me. You’d think playing a supporting role in Not Another Teen Movie would finally give meaning to your life but I guess not.