Quentin Tarantino thinks Lindsay is the best

December 14th, 2007 // 103 Comments

Quentin Tarantino has officially lost his shit. Yesterday at the 68th Annual Golden Globe nominations ceremony he told OK! Magazine he would love to work with Lindsay Lohan:

“[Lohan] is one of the best actresses in Hollywood.”
When asked if he’d ever cast Lindsay in a Kill Bill-type role, Tarantino said, “I could cast Lindsay in almost anything!”

A coffin. With both of them inside. Then I’d drop it somewhere deep within the Pacific. Now let’s go watch Sister Street Fighter and get ourselves some tasty milkshakes.

[Flashback to a minute ago.]

Do you know what I’d like to see Quentin cast Lindsay in? You’re going to want to sit down for this one, daddy-o.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino. He hates chronology.

Photos: Baeur-Griffin

  1. soma

    of COURSE qt wants lindsey. There’s always a crack whore in his movies.

  2. get lives

    hi all-
    why do you feel the need to waste your lives on this shit? is it because it burns less calories than using your brain? it is because you disrespect your work and your boss so much that you want to get paid for being judgemental and critical, or defend someone you don’t even know? is it because you disrespect yourself so much that you can’t think of anything better to do with yourself?
    what’s even worse is that some of you seem to WANT to be like others of you. i can’t imagine having such low aspirations.
    please, please, do yourselves a favor.
    read a book.
    get an education. read a real news site. start caring about the world.
    get a hobby.
    get laid. instead of talks to your friends about your huge cock on this site. if it’s so fucking huge, use it.
    fill your lives with meaningful people and things. not this shit. it’s sad

    oh, and if this pisses you off: it must be true. so don’t bother lashing out on here – fucking do something about it.
    the end

  3. no1justminda

    Maybe not the best, but most versatile? As in…he could cast her as a steaming pile of poot in his next film and she could ace it!

  4. mike

    #52 – I was going to reply to your comment but I fell asleep around the fourth line. Anyway, my sympathies go out to your friends…errr, friend…cat.

  5. Shanna Banana

    Looks like her hair is receding.

  6. get lives

    #54 – that’s a shame for you. but if you’d rather do this and be pathetic, i guess the world’s not missing much. you wouldn’t contribute anything anyway.
    i can’t think why YOU’D be on here, if you had any friends. awww, are you defensive because you’re sad and lonely? poor diddums.

  7. Darnell

    The thing is, she may be crazy party ho and a god-awful mess but she does have charisma and she is a character.

    Many of the characters in Tarantino’s movies are crazy hot messes and Lindsay would fit right in. Everything in his world is over the top. She sucks in many of her movies but she’d explode off the screen under his direction.

  8. christ586942

    u r still beautiful even though u didn’t makeup.The magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported that u uploaded some of your hot pictures to seekingsugar.com and wants to find a rich man there..

  9. Danklin24

    Whoever thinks this chick can act is hitting the sauce and maybe the crack pipe. Have you actually seen any of her movies? I’d rather watch a guy get a nail through his scrotum than watch one of those steaming piles of shit.

  10. Umm, Quentin Tarantino can do (say) no wrong. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

  11. he just gets it! she is a so beautiful babe, and she is a successful woman.the white clothes fit her so much! Lindsay owns many fans at http://pinkmingle.com !

  12. all kidding aside, and all teeny bopper movies aside, she actually is a credible actress. pretty good.

  13. PostmortemG

    “You know she blew him to get him to say that.”


    I had the chance to watch Grindhouse in the theater, but i didn’t. I have the chance to watch Planet Terror and Death Proof on DVD, but i won’t. I think I’ll watch I Spit On Your Grave one more time… or maybe Zombie, or Beatrice Cenci… not Tarantino’s lame-ass ‘hipster’ movies. Pulp Fiction sucks it, kids.

  14. you forget he has a weakness for overrated blue-eyed blondes.

  15. EuroNeckPain

    Put a brown wig on her head and she is Elizabeth Taylor.

  16. Get Help

    Get Lives – You’re joking, right? I mean, at least some people come here to be entertained, you come here because you hate it, write long posts, and then bother to come back and respond to other posters. You’re probably wasting more time here than just about anyone else. I understand if you hate yourself for it, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but I embraced that. You’re just lashing out like a closeted gay republican against the people who remind you of what you hate in yourself but don’t carry the same self-loathing. Get help.

  17. DeepFriedJesus

    Pefect this should just about finish off her career for good. And she looks like shit BTW. Can you say malignant melanoma Linds? I bet you will be soon.

  18. mafme

    I know it’s hard to believe, but spending 5 minutes on this site doesn’t actually preclude me from doing other activities like reading, writing, and having sex. In fact, i did all of those things yesterday AND glanced at the superfish.

  19. Wise Stance Larry

    #52 wins Self-Parody Poster Award for December, if not for all of 2007. I post to TheSuperficial.com from my way-cool Blackberry from my private booth at Hooters and my waitress thinks you are a loser, 52. And if you reply, then you are presumably wasting your life checking this site. So there.

  20. BaconMessiah

    #52 I love the smell of self-rightousness in the morning. It smells like…douchebags…

    And Linds is a great actress, oh yeah. I especially loved her nuanced, heartbreaking performance in “I know who killed me”. She has oscar written all over her (in sperm).

  21. biff

    Get back on the drugs and sauce Lindsay cause you look like shit.

  22. Queefer Bukakke

    Lohan is only useful if tied to a bed, with a giant ballgag in her mouth, legs spread wide.

  23. Tara

    No, Quentin.
    That is ridiculous.
    Is she even a good actress?

  24. quentin sucks

    quentin tarantino..the overrated, uber-ugly director with formulaic scripts that got old by the time lindsay started snorting. though I’m no fan of the girl and didn’t care to watch a single movie of hers, I kinda think even she don’t deserve to be mentioned by Tarantino. the guy’s bad luck. look what happened to uma thurman- both career and personal life wise. and she ages horrendously as well.

  25. angie

    god¡ death proof is the best i´ve seen .
    and maybe if she wouldn´t do movies so terribles like I KOW WHO KILLED ME it would be that she´ll better acting cause the last it was the worst i ever seen berhaps she blow him 4 say that

  26. Mama Pinkus

    He wants to pork her; it’s the only rational explanation.

  27. charle

    she looks older more than i expected but someone said she joined an online service sugarmommymeet. it is a site for rich women to date young cute men.. spoil and support them. what the hell…

  28. Babe_ruth

    Eh, I always thought Tarantino was overrated, anyway.

  29. Quinten , my man , what you really are saying is ” you would love to fuk Lindsey . Now that I can understand . . But face is dude ……..

  30. Quinten , my man , what you really are saying is ” you would love to fuk Lindsey . Now that I can understand . . But face is dude ……..

  31. Don’t get my wrong , I like Lindsey and think she is just as good if not better an actor then rest of them out here .

  32. Samhain

    Dina Lohan’s To Do List:

    1. Encourage Lindsay to have as much fun as possible.

    2. Watch her age 20 years in 1 year, making her look just like me.

    3. Lock her in basement with as much drugs and porno as she wants. Feed her occasionally.

    4. Take her place and star in Quentin’s next masterpiece. Be sure to give him all access pass. Do it with Lindsay sometimes so he thinks he’s seeing double.

    5. Live happily ever after.

  33. i’ll admit that i think she’s extremely sexy

    but here .. what happened?

  34. #52 Please Help Me - Tell Me What to Do


    I’ve done everything in your list. That’s why I’m here. And I stupidly thought you were in the same situation. So why are you here then?

  35. Yourfairytale

    Anyone who thinks Lindsay is talented has lost their shit.

  36. charle

    I love her

  37. charle

    She is so sexy. Besides, she’s a great actress. Do you know there is a forum at pubspa.com especially for discussing her. She is dreamy lover in men’s heart.

  38. unclejoe

    I jackoff at lindsay!

  39. Unklejoe

    Ummmm I like to jackoff at Lindsay!!!!

  40. storm

    get a life- if this site is so dumb and boring and you want to poo poo each of us for writing in here,… what is your pathetic exscuse that you should have ever graced us with your opinion in the first place?why were you here instead of doing all of those lovely things you wrote about in your opinion on this site?do you not have any friends?or books?ect?,… or were you here because you’ve already alienated yourself in your circle of friends and this was your poor attempt at trying to make new ones here?maybe it is YOU dear who needs a litle more education,…and perhaps a little more class. i’ll be more than happy to give you a quarter so you can go buy yourself some class if you’d like,and i’m willing to bet that most of the people on this site have more education,friends and class than you could ever obtain,.. in their little firnger,.. so why don’t you go sign out and find yourself something else to bitch about unless you’ve just won yet another popularity contest and hung yourself. that is all. later ass!

  41. shaggy

    she looks older than her fucking mother. stupid white cow.

  42. Narcissist

    I’m still smitten with this screw-up. Even with her saggy train wreck of a body and after fucking every diseased loser shit bag on the planet, she RULES! Lindsay is ALL POWERFUL!

    @52 This is all that matters. This IS the real news.

  43. schlick

    With a much more sensible outfit, she could easily be cast in the film, “Soccer Mom”

  44. GetLivesIsAnAss

    Get Lives you are a hyprocrite. If you really meant that shit you write. You would never have been on this site to read what we write. I hope whoever kisses your genitalia bites and you can kiss my ass goodnight .

  45. Tessa

    Haha that post was awesome man!

  46. Jenna

    If she is in any of his movies, she would definitely be either a coked out whore or a coked out stripper. Wow, so many choices would fit her, it’s endless, oh wait she could also be a coked out slut.

  47. hmmm

    At first, I thought you was an ass. Who the hell does this person think they are?
    But know what? I saw what some people wrote, get all defensive, and throwing around the smackdown just like you did – a waste of time. And then I realized there is people posting like 4 days after you did. It’s kinda sad that they are posting like 4 days after. What are they doing reading the post way back – and what am I doing reading it? It’;s a waste of time. I need to get a life, but that post made me think about it and i thought I should say that.
    So, what you wrote makes everyone mad, but you kinda made me realize I shouldnt be doing this, I should do other better things because life is short

  48. El Ces

    How adequate.

    I love that lil’ smile she does.

  49. Doctor Dome

    Lindsy is a talent actress and most of the commentors can’t seem to think for themselves and are letting the dish rags think for them… Sheep…

  50. mikeym5

    “veggi – December 14, 2007 2:03 PM

    She may be a psycho but he’s right – she’s a great actress.”

    Yes…if you’re drunk.

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