1. The dude

    20 minutes of ungratifying sex? QT must have copied my moves.

  2. Cock Dr

    Obviously he sobered up a little when he saw her naked, and decided to take the safe route.
    So he was damned stupid to pick up some fugly strange and bring it home, but he was smart to not fuck her.

  3. nela

    ugh, butterface!!

  4. Mia

    Oh, come on! She’s cute!

  5. Nik

    He was obviously looking at her feet the entire time and never her face…

  6. Janet Pac

    Funny story. Smart girl. Knew exactly what she was doing and will get some notariety from this. Quentin must be a total idiot. Who breaks out the “I want to suck your toes and jerk off” card on a first meeting? Save that for the second date moron!

  7. MrChips

    This is the best he can do? Seriously? Hef’s working with ancient body parts that are falling off his body and even HE gets better ass. Hear that Quentin? A rotting corpse is getting better pussy than you.

    On a side note, you’d think a girl named beej would be more obliging.

  8. Uncle Eccoli

    I’m not buying it. I bet this bitch begged him to fuck her.

  9. TB

    I bet her parents, Sanat and Darshna Shah of Cerritos, California, must be proud of her slut daughter!!


    Interesting story i don’t have a fuckin clue how/why i read this but hey ho fuck it, anyway my verdict is that she begged QT to fuck her and he turned the biatch dowwwnnnnn haha but she wanted to tell the story so much just made out as if she proper never wanted to fuck him lol

  11. Please. What’s with the rude comments ~ jealous? Obviously this girl is stunning! And she has a million-dollar smile. QT ain’t no great shakes but just because he’s a big-shot celebrity he no doubt kisses on the most attractive girls around and that includes her! Put your ignorant comments away!

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