Haylie Duff and Kristin Cavallari are very famous

March 9th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Haylie Duff and Kristin Cavallari were spotted partying together in South Beach on Wednesday. I’m guessing it was an annual convention for almost-celebrities or something. They probably sat in a circle and took turns telling each other about how they were almost recognized at Arby’s, but turns out it was just the cashier asking if Diet Pepsi was okay instead of Coke.


  1. J-Unit

    I don’t know these chicks are, but I’d sure FRIST them…

  2. Gerald Tarrant

    This is what Hillary Duff will look like in a few years if she starts hanging out with Paris.

  3. These girls aren’t nearly pasty enough. More Kirsten Dunst!

  4. TashaVin`

    Shes foxy!
    But, her little sister… Hilary Duff, ain’t quite old enough, so I ain’t ever seen a Butt like that… (eminem)

  5. Chouli

    What do you think that oh-so-stylish key Kristin is wearing around her neck goes to? Untapped talent?

    Its heartwarming to see two pretty young ladies looking so relieved and grateful to be noticed.

  6. fame is funny


  7. Such bright pretty colors. Is it just me, or does Haylie have Paris-sized feet?

  8. Mr.Eps

    And such posts from such sites only helps these useless people rise from obscurity

  9. Dr.kevinpothead

    kristin fuggallari needs to just disappear. i think she looks ilke a horse ( perfect that she hangs with her other equanines), and has THE most annoying donkey nasal voice. i wonder how many times shes had to blow, fuck, or whatever to land a role in ANY C-list flick….sorry, cant stand this girl she looks like she reeks of yeast infections and is just BUTTA! lol

  10. Dr.kevinpothead

    Mr. Eps you said it

  11. hotguy

    Yawns and goes to wash cat again! here, pussy pussy pussy?

  12. idiotcelebs

    They should invite Antonella Barba to join them…

  13. JessW

    Haylie is pretty, but she almost looks older than Hillary!

    It looks like the other girl is trying look like Carmen Electra. Or is it just me?

  14. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    When is Hilary gonna buy her big sis a nose job??

  15. Jenster

    hahaha thats great “HAlie Duff and Kristen Cavalerri are very famous” Good one.

    I give them another 6months before theyre on the next cast for the “Surreal Life”

  16. bedbugsandballyhoo

    “Vote For Summer!”

  17. did duff get a chin implant?! holy leno that shit is pointy!

  18. Courtney

    Why does random blonde girl from that one “reality” show always look like she’s shooting a toothpaste commercial.

  19. therapture

    I would hit it, gladly. Twice. And then call in Hilary and repeat. Hell, for that matter, call in Paris, I’ll take a chance….

  20. doogleberg

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

    A horse named Haylie walks into a bar.
    The bartender says, “Why the long face?”

    Thanks…I’ll be here all week.

  21. doogleberg

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

    A horse named Haylie walks into a bar.
    The bartender says, “Why the long face?”

    Thanks…I’ll be here all week.

  22. shanonorato

    Horseface and Plain Jane

  23. Joshingya31

    Ok i know the one girl was Pedro but who the fuck is the other one?

  24. Captain America

    These hags should be on a rock calling horny sailors to their doom.

  25. If these bitches are famous, *I* could be famous, damnit!

    I’d be as excited as these girls, too, if the papparazzi mistook me for an actual celebrity and started snapping my picture.

  26. These two should be sterelized, or else they are gonna be the next to get knocked up by Tom Brady.

  27. danielle

    Atleast Kristin looks as if she COULD be somebody important.

    The hair- blonde and styled nicely
    The nails- french manicured
    The feet- freshly pedicured
    The outfit- cute babydoll strapless

    Now…that other *thing* on the left in the green hobo pants with what looks to be a grease stain on the right leg…not so much.

    Seriously, HELLie? You could’ve put a litte more effort into this craptastic ensemble you jus threw on. Oh, and the hair? It looks like you just stuck it in a blender and said “whoopie!”.

    If anything, this broad could easily be mistaken for a streetwalker…not a celeb.

  28. schack

    I’m gonna start washing my cat, too.

    And I agree with Tits_McGhee… What happens to all these almost-has-beens in Hollywood when they turn 30? By that time their skin looks like brown paper bags from all the tanning, their hair is patchy from all of the weaves and extensions and their boobs are fucking chest-scrotums… they can’t even do PORN in that state, and most of them haven’t ever gone to college and barely know how to read!? what happens to them and their children?

    thank god for diet coke…

  29. schack

    whoopie? as in goldberg?

    who says whoopie, ever?

  30. 86

    Somebody get that horseface a carrot and a salt lick.

  31. RJ

    Dude, seriously. You suck.

  32. PrettyBaby

    #27 danielle- I can’t believe I am saying this, but I totally agree with your entire post!! The only problem with Kristin Cavallari is that she is toooooo obviously thrilled every time she sees a fucking camera- if she got caught taking a shit on camera by the paparazzi, she’s still have that giddy face and stupid pose.

    Haylie Duff is a Horseface.

  33. Thomas the Wrapper

    Let’s not post these two anymore. No idea who they are but if you have to show D-list celebrities- they must be showing skin or or at least somewhat revealing. The Duff chick looks like a horse and all her clothes are on. You suck.

  34. danielle


    I do. Whoopie. Said it again. Darn.


    Yeah, Kristin Calamari does wet her pants every time a camera happens to flash a pic of her. I could go up to her with a disposable 5.99 camera from Kmart and the bitch would probably smile.

  35. GooniesNeverSayDie

    I was there that weekend and saw them partying with all the other faux-celebs.

    They were hanging with:
    1. “Puck” from The Real World
    2. Justin Guarini
    3. Julian Lennon
    4. Kim Kardashian
    5. TV’s Felicity
    6. “Tattoo” from Fantasy Island (even though he is dead there was a cardboard cutout of his little body)

  36. kacsing

    Well they must be something “somewhere” because here they are on this website.
    I mean really, isn’t this site strictly reserved for entertainments superstar elite such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan? Seems to me Haylie and Kristin have finally made it to the BIG times!

  37. schack

    britney is a bona fide has-been. she’s had a million hits and platinum records, etc. she’s iconic status, whether that’s good or bad.

    but hillary, blowhan, hayley and kirsten are not anyone, really. and what are they gonna do when they turn 30? britney will still be rolling in dough, but these girls probably have credit card debt already!

  38. schack

    p.s. #35

    i love you. are you serious? please don’t tell me. i want to believe. PUCK!

  39. brujeriadiosa

    my butt itches.

  40. Superevil

    South Beach huh? That’s not far from me, I think I should get out the hunting rifle and do the world a favor.

  41. Lowlands

    Where’re the blowjobpics??

  42. PrettyBaby

    #40 Simmer down now, besides, you outta head over to Promises Rehab Clinic.

  43. alaskanchicsickle

    @40 Go ahead, we’re all behind you buddy!

  44. alaskanchicsickle

    No PrettyBaby, I think Britney might have a few more antics up her sleeve. I want to see what she does next. Is she taking over where ANS left off?? It’s fascinating.

  45. PrettyBaby

    #44 Good point! I am waiting for Britney to join the Aryan Brotherhood next.

  46. danielle

    No, no..I agree with Pretty. I think someone SHOULD head over to Promises. I hear that Lindsay’s crackhouse is on the way as well as Paris’ abortion hangout.

    Better to do away with two windbags than none at all.

    I’m just sayin’.

  47. Fewdfreak

    Kristin, honey, the SmartWater isn’t fooling ANYONE.

  48. alaskanchicsickle

    Pretty Baby, I’m picturing Britney telling the Scientologists that she’s the incarnate of L. Ron Hubbard, but even they won’t want her. Pre-K-Fed, they would have loved her, but she’s uncontrollable now. She makes Tom-loving-the-Cock-Cruise seem like a soft spoken accountant.

  49. jrzmommy

    Zzzzzz…..Zzzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzzzz….huh? grumble mumble mumble Sasquatch mumble zzzz….zzzzz…..zzzzzz…….

  50. ImaCracka

    Pointless cunt that would love to blow ND now….

    older whore of a younger whore…..


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