UPDATE: Heath Ledger’s death might be drug related

January 23rd, 2008 // 122 Comments

Police found a rolled up $20 bill with “narcotic residue” on it in the apartment where Heath Ledger was found dead yesterday, according to CBS News:

Sources add they also found several drug packets containing an unknown substance. CBS 2 has learned these items were all listed on the official police report from the scene.
To be clear, it’s still unknown whether these items belonged to Ledger or whether he even actually ingested them.

The drugs could turn out not to be Heath Ledger’s. From what I hear they’re probably his. No one will know for 10 days until a more thorough autopsy is complete. But it gives eerie resonance to Jack Nicholson’s cryptic remark last night of “I warned him.”

UPDATE: The NYPD is saying there was no visible residue on the rolled-up $20 bill, according to the AP.


  1. Ript1&0

    I know huh. I TOLD you smoking crack was a bad idea. Shoulda listened.

  2. FCS

    #100 I would have paid to watch that shit. I can’t believe I didn’t think of eletric boogaloo. Well played sir, well played.

    And smoking crack isn’t a bad idea, smoking too much crack is a bad idea.

  3. MoronicShitney

    I really want this to not be illegal drugs related. He seemed like a good bloke. I will totally suck if it was a drug trip gone bad. Poor damn kid and his parents if they lost dad/son to drugs.

  4. Angus

    Heeeeeeeath! Me boy, I caint believe ye gone!!!

    Goodbye to you, my trusted friend.
    We’ve known each other since we’re nine or ten.
    Together we climbed hills or trees.
    Learned of love and ABC’s,
    skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.
    Goodbye my friend, it’s hard to die,
    when all the birds are singing in the sky,
    Now that the spring is in the air.
    Pretty girls are everywhere.
    When you see them I’ll be there.
    We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
    But the hills that we climbed
    were just seasons out of time.
    Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me,
    I was the black sheep of the family.
    You tried to teach me right from wrong.
    Too much wine and too much song,
    wonder how I get along.
    Goodbye, Mama, it’s hard to die
    when all the birds are singing in the sky,
    Now that the spring is in the air.
    Little children everywhere.
    When you see them I’ll be there.
    We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
    But the wine and the song,
    like the seasons, all have gone.
    Goodbye, Matilda, my little one.
    You gave me love and helped me find the sun.
    And every time that I was down
    you would always come around
    and get my feet back on the ground.
    Goodbye, Matilda, it’s hard to die
    when all the bird are singing in the sky,
    Now that the spring is in the air.
    With the flowers everywhere.
    I wish that we could both be there.
    We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
    But the stars we could reach
    were just starfishes on the beach.

  5. Jennifer

    handsome, I saw his profile with photos on billionairecupid.com, where celebrities and wealthy singles hook up. The photos are not verified yet but the profile looks sincere, attractive and sexy. Maybe sometimes they really need a soul mate rather than a rich buddy. It’s said Charlie Sheen has found some young and beautiful girls there. LOL.

  6. Jace

    TMZ is saying there was a suicide note that mentioned Matilda, and denying that he did anything “inappropriate while bathing her.”

    (don’t bash me, go there and see for yourself)

  7. ShutUpCunt


    I thought I ran your rumor mongering ass off this board already.

    Post a link or STFU.

  8. TOREY

    Heath Ledger recently gave an interview to WJW FOX in Cleveland where he said, ‘I feel good about dying because I feel alive through her.’ He was talking about his young daughter Matilda. I saw a version of this on you you tube but it was only 2 mins long, i found the whole interview at webcastr.com and Heath is unable to stay in one place. He is having withdrawls during the clip!!!!!! what is goig on! http://www.webcastr.com/videos/films-shorts/ledgers-eerily-prophetic-interview.html

  9. I knew I should have started stalking Heath Ledger years ago…

  10. Thsy

    God I hope this a new Hollywood trend.
    Next week I shall rejoice when Jared Leto is found floating in a pull of blood in his bathtub. Then, ofourse, the Hollywood whores will recreate the scene from House of Wax ( but with more blood gushing out of Paris Hilton’s head). This will be the greatest gift Hollywood could give the youth of today: A reason to go on overdose binges and knife parties.
    Thus, leaving the competent humans to dance around singing and laughing. You know, kind of like the smurfs, but not as bizarre…….or blue.

  11. rumbah

    It’s a tragedy, alright! I was certainly shock and I’ve got to admit, TMZ was the first place I logged when I found out. But COME ON PEOPLE!!!

    Ledger was by no means any hero. He was just an actor who probably played some heroes! All he did was go to sleep and die. He didn’t get shot at or get blown up or anything. He wasn’t removed from the comforts of his own home and then die 3 million light years away from his loved ones. HE DIED IN THE COMFORTS OF HIS OWN HOME! And to top it off, someone found him. Imagine the bodies of our war heroes that are never found, the bodies that are protected in the Tomb of the Unknown, and the families who will never lay to rest their sons, brothers, husbands, uncles because their bodies are strewn elsewhere in the middle-east or some other fucking country??!

    You wanna be shocked and read about people dying for their country?? Google “SEAL Team 10″ or “Operation Redwing”. Google “Marcus Luttrell” or go read his book “Lone Survivor”. Those heroes in that book, in those stories are the ones we should be weeping about, the ones we should be reading about! Not people who has never contributed to our freedom.

  12. Skip Smith

    On the contrary, Heath Ledger contributed to your freedom by giving you the courage to come out of the closet.

  13. Angie

    #107 – hate women much? and wtf are you talking about? are you retarded? you can’t go to tmz and read for yourself? guess not…but kudos to your mom for helping you use a computer, too bad you get an instant hardon when you sit on her lap.

  14. Samhain

    98 – Damn, you are so right! Poor guy barely got a nod.

    100 – Effing funny!

    Apparently, not enough people have OD’d to make any of these overpaid losers avoid drugs in the first place. I guess K-Fed will have to take his place in the aptly-named sequel (dancing freak that he is). Now if only he would “accidentally” do something and be gone.

    I do feel bad for Mr. Ledger, but that’s why they say “DON’T DO DRUGS!” Stupid, stupid people. May God grant him peace.

  15. ShutUpCunt

    Been to TMZ already — no story about a suicide note. More retarded rumor mongering by stupid cunts. STFU, bitch.

  16. jacknasty

    While its really sad that he died so young I think its rediculous that people are so surprised by this. I mean have you seen any candid photos of him taken in the last year? He always looks strung out and is usually dressed like a hippie or a homeless person.

  17. Heath Ledger not dead! his profile still active at BillionareCupid.com. says he OK but he still don’t want no more blacks, jews, asians, crippleds, hispanics, gays, arabs, obese, native americans, or other skanky womens. At BillionaireCupid.com they prescreen and find only hot rich white guy for him real quick!

  18. It’s obvious he over dosed on drugs.


    His family should be pissed.
    Not only were the reports of illegal drugs found to be false,
    It was prob not suicide,
    He had a massage appointment that day.

    Film director Shekhar Kapur has said that he was due to meet Heath Ledger the day after he passed and was even supposed to supply a wake up call in the AM.

    I am not saying that Heath didn’t use illegal drugs ever, but… I do not believe this was the cause of death, or that he committed suicide.
    Slander against a man who can no longer defend himself.. horrible!

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  21. Dam

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  22. blizzy


    Omg Du Qiang is my Dry Cleaner down the street!

    Du joo got some ‘splainin to do!

    @104 – I think we’re all telling people not to do drugs and here you go smoking crack while posting on a gossip board.

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