Hefner’s Ex Is Capitalizing on His Death… With a Sex Tape

Remember when Hugh Hefner dated those twin sisters? By “dated” I mean puppeted them around to events to give the illusion that he was getting incestuous sex from twins to fulfill some Bud Lite commercial fantasy, of course. Well one of them, Karissa Shannon, is claiming that a sex tape she made has been leaked to Vivid merely a week after Hugh’s passing. Coincidence? TOTALLY!

Vivid has been known to keep their clients’ involvement under wraps in the past. You may recall that this is the same company that jump started Kim Kardashian’s career and featured Farrah Abraham’s lubed-up butthole’s acting debut. It smells fishy and I highly doubt it just fell into their lap… **high-fives self over double penetration of porn puns**

Karissa Shannon, who lived inside the Playboy Mansion with twin sister Kristina when they were dating Hugh Hefner, is learning that things can’t always be kept a secret when it comes to a sex tape. Just a week after the death of her ex, footage from one of the Playboy Playmate’s X-rated romps has been leaked online.

Obtained by Radar Online, the never-before-seen video shows the 27-year-old blonde naked in various raunchy poses. “Hefner’s calling,” she coos as her boyfriend, Blue Mountain State actor Sam Jones III, films her on his camera. (from Celebuzz)

Well in case you weren’t convinced that twins dating a man in his 80’s wasn’t a ridiculous PR stunt, that should put that to rest. Back in 2010 she accused Spencer Pratt of stealing the tape because I guess she was also banging Heidi Montag? Who knows — I think the big takeaway here is that she has no shame in the timing of this strategic “leak” and has probably been accruing some serious debt after thinking Hef was going to die a few years back. Congrats though, Karissa! I hope this helps pay off those pesky credit card bills!