1. MILF

    That guy’s not wearing a ring…is that her hubby>

  2. Grinder

    She has the powers to make Lou Ferrigno look 21 again!

  3. me

    am I the only one who can see her thong?

  4. The Most Interesting

    “Honey, you know how you’re making 7 figures and all I have to do is poke every guy I can find and point to the catalog and say, ‘Yeah, I’m tapping that’? I want you to give it all up. For Jebus.”

  5. klee

    the thing is, this girl is hot, but nothing special. i have friends that are twice as hot facially and have just as great of a body but they are under 5’5″. i swear. as long as your over 5’10″, thin, and decently attractive you can be a supermodel. not fair!

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