1. She sounds at least as hypocritical about her faith as most Christians, so what’s news here?

  2. Hegavehisblood4u

    Satin’s followers are all over this website. Sorry to see so many unsaved souls. Stop living for the flesh & start living for the Lord!!! Get off this website & go get saved quick .

    • What do you have against Satin followers? I mean I’m not totally devoting my life to satin, but damn the sheets feel nice. All smooth and cool, satin is like a gift from Gad.

      p.s. you’re a fucking idiot.

      • vgirl

        I’m a cotton Sateen worshiper. I prefer the softness over static creating Satin. Satin is evil and shocks the hell out of me.

  3. NOI

    Those boobies job will take her straight to hell

  4. Britt

    She’ll fucking regret this decision in about 5 years when her husband uses his property as a baby maker and that body looks like any other trailer living hick. What a waste of Gods good work.

  5. LRonHoover

    Butterface For Jesus

  6. vgirl

    Her husband is probably an abusive jealous F*ck.

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