1. The Pope

    “And the Oscar goes to…”

  2. Wow. Somebody’s either infatuated or the world of celebrity photographs has gone gone dry.

  3. Katie

    I thought this was Courtney Stodden at first…

  4. turd da third

    pretty tiny tits considering that she is bending over in that one shot, such a disappointment

  5. “These damn coin slots are always getting clogged up with quarters.”

  6. ktulu

    This chick is so ugly she has to be at maximum whore to get by

  7. Thanks for zip-tying her clothes on.

  8. Sin

    I thought it was Cameron Diaz.

  9. Swearin

    “We’re gonna have to use more padding, Vanessa; you’re only a 4 on the Kardashian scale right now”

  10. prissy

    she should have stayed with zac efron. she’s looked like crap since they split

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