1. James

    i approve.

  2. Marxwasright

    Existence precedes essence

  3. Oz Matters

    A crack so tight that you couldn’t even slide a credit card through it.

  4. I want to make a deposit.

  5. judd

    It’s not long before her name will be Vanessa pudgens

  6. tlmck

    Not bad, but still waiting for her sister to become legal.

  7. deez

    HAHA that is definately not an ATM its where you pay for parking it clearly says on it… !!
    She looks Damn Fine though!

  8. lily

    completely ordinary, awkward body shape, and messy looking per usual. dont get the appeal with this one.

  9. Colin

    I hope she exchanges it for a roll of quarters that she can bounce off that thing.

  10. The Pope

    Toight. Like a gymnast.

  11. CViper

    Some vapid, teenaged girl wore tight shorts outdoors today! Who cares?

  12. Dr. Ike

    Her cute little butt is probably so tight I’d need a shoehorn to jam it up in there. She’s got a nice body.

  13. Skeeter

    Vanessa Hudgens and “ATM” is an interesting thought.

  14. cindy

    what kind of shorts are those

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