1. Dinkle

    [FIXED] Vanessa Pudgens still in a bikini

  2. Bruno

    What a hag!
    03 of 10…
    My mother has a better body at 64.
    Vanessa looks like a 12 years old chubby girl…

  3. hamiltonsP

    i look at her and just know she would give my dick the best damn ride of its life. i see it in her eyes

  4. sirap

    not even worth the name that made this remark. paradis, sorry ,probably at this hr spelled her name wrong.bon chance cherie amore. (been sometime since french class)! hey, girls @guys, what do u look like after 2 kids and are around 39, not that good. there’s also talent involved. plus did your mums have kids that turned out the way his and her kids did? numb-nuts!

  5. Need Picture

    Has an uncensored version of the Vanessa Hudgens “sweet melodies” spread eagle picture been released? If so, where the fuck do I find it?!

  6. yo dawg

    she did seem to have a double chin haha

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