1. meh

    The guys holding a Gurkha knife, I forget what they’re called, also WTfery?

  2. Dirk Diggler

    Chick-fil-A sounds pretty good right about now

  3. abc123

    wrong on so many levels. so sick of this “new normal” crap. NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.

  4. He’s just so shocking…so provocative…so profound…so avant-garde…so cutting edge…I’m sure the folks at Jaguar are thrilled by this.

    • Natalya

      This was interesting and ive foaewrdrd it on to all my friends on planet zikzar45. IF they like what you have written they may spare your lifebut if they dont, well you should prepare your will. Earthling.

  5. Jill_Ess


    • Murarilal

      I was wondering about holaidy Pictures and how much it would cost to get a family and kids picture. I was referred to you guys from triangle mommies and specifically Ms. Harrison, though any information is appreciated. Thank you.

  6. your mom

    I think I prefer the light saber.

  7. TheO

    I always knew Chris Kline was gay.

  8. the crazy betty

    those legs… those wedges… I can’t believe it.

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