1. shoe

    Guess her new nickname is Dent.

    • Misana

      Craps! I was JUST thinking her body (face included) must be one of the most dented out there then I read your comment.. whatever.. suppose it doesn’t matter

  2. Guy Smiley


  3. Medical Stuff

    Pectum excavatum! Wonder why she hasn’t gotten it corrected? It’s not like she can’t afford it…

    Maybe it makes her cleavage look good. (when clothed).

    • SCH

      Have you seen the procedure to correct this? it’s horrific.. She’s clearly defying the common practice of avoiding exposure that most people with this defect practice.

  4. SCH

    try a Bandeau top.. it would be more flattering

  5. Amber Hilton

    What is she thinking? Bikini’s usually look terrible on pregnant women ~ the chest disfigurement is on display too. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money to buy a flattering swimsuit; or clothes that don’t reveal problem areas. I don’t understand it…

  6. Good God! Lord knows that woman can afford some plastic surgery. Or at least some spackle.

  7. Pregnant? Isn’t she, like, 60 or so?

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