1. God is Black

    The kid is cute but Bear Blu?Like Jerry said “Seven? Yeah I can see that 7 beatings a day and 7 yrs to life in jail!”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Look at these hipster douches… being fed regurgitated food might be the least of her kid’s worries.

  3. Crissy

    Goodness! Alicia really did not age well! And she is not even 40! Damn why so ugly? You know youth really is a treasure! This bitch lost it and now her face looks broke!

  4. Crissy

    You know, youth really is a treasure… This bitch lost it and now her face looks, er broke! Damn ugly mofo!

  5. Joe

    Rockin’ Robin. Tweet, tweet.

  6. Good to see someone finally one up those elitist parents who bring their babies into a bar; well done!

  7. BarB

    Bear is eager for his next feeding of regurgitated hallucinogenics.

  8. uknoq

    awww her baby is so cute

  9. The Most Interesting

    Dammit, Alicia! Even the boy knows you never go full derp!

  10. Tricky Fish

    ‘Hey Christopher, nice purse what do you carry in there?’
    ‘Oh, the usual. Douchey headbands, sleeveless t-shirts that are two sizes too small, some pre-chewed food in case Bear gets hungry and what’s left of my dignity’

    • Fio

      That’s a baby sling. I suppose it could be used to carry any or all of those, but mainly it’s used to carry, you know, babies. Regardless of celebrity weirdness, at least he wants to bond with his kid.

  11. mando

    Come and partake of my loins

  12. Nina

    Damn. Her baby is ridiculously cute!

  13. Jentilly

    Cute baby, he’s a little skinny though, hope he’s not on a vegan diet too

  14. Nice looking family. I’m happy for her.

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