1. adolf hitler

    come, come… give me kisses!

  2. pinko commie


    • Cock Dr

      Very rich man playing with Hollywood coke whore…who doesn’t even have enough sense to pull the curtains closed before doing the blow.

  3. Damnit

    I’ll bet her could Donkey Punch her while doing blow off her back and she’d never know the difference.

  4. Venom

    She should just kill herself now.

  5. rican

    Definitely doing blow and giving blow

  6. I hope he’s up-to-date on his shots.

  7. ISBN

    Not that I think she’s above the accusations here but um… I don’t see any of it. Looks like she’s bent over a sink in the ones where she is bending. And he’s kissing her in the one where he’s holding her head. Or, my guess, sharing pot smoke. I don’t see coke, I don’t see snorting and I sure don’t see sniffing.

  8. Nicole

    u think she would know better than to sit near open windows…. what a dumbass. she wants people to see how fucked up shes become.

    • Mike

      It’s clearly a cry for help. Who knows what goes through this girl’s head, she just drinks, smokes, and snorts away her emotions.

  9. charles

    Shit, that’s all it takes to get into Lindsay’s pants. Here I’ve been thinking it was looks and personality…

    Fuck me, I wouldn’t even shake this dirty bastards hand! Would need treatment for who knows what after being within 5 feet of him.

  10. Kylia

    Your’s is a point of view where real inteliglecne shines through.

  11. Soviet Snow

    How that douche become a millionaire?

  12. Ash

    The fat douche has a hot wife with a bangin’ bod, look up Priya Sachdev. I guess he prefers trashy crack whores tho.

  13. Melissa Love

    oh lindsey really…. I guess you do not know what you are doing if you are high out of your mind. So sad why is no one stepping in to save this poor child. She is playing with fire and as we all can tell is all burnt up. I do feel sorry for her. Look up sweety that is the only way out , you only have one life to live after that you will not have a chance to redo it.

  14. Vapid Cunt Hater

    Why is she kissing a gardener!?!?!?!??!?

  15. firecrotch

    Thant is not a gardener that is an Indian Hotelier Billionaire

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