1. Anthony

    So she’s a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks?

    • impyc

      omg Monty Python that was one of my favorite sketches…I am so lame but thank you for that, and this chick, she musta been hella young when she posted these on myspace, ancient ass shite.

  2. Dan

    Girls do this all the time, while it might be hormones, or simply cute to some, I think they really are just frackin stupid. It’s in the genes.

    • Boston Mike

      Why don’t you take that stick out of your azz, Dan? Some guys (like myself) actually like when girls can act silly and be themselves rather than being uptight and ladylike all the time. Of all the gals I’ve dated in my 30+ years of life, the best relationships I’ve had have been with girlfriends that had a good sense of humor. That’s probably one of the traits I value most.

    • College Girl

      “I think they really are just frackin stupid. It’s in the genes.”


      Dan, sorry to burst your bubble but everyone knows it’s men who are the much more STUPID gender. It’s been scientifically proven you’re all social retards who cannot grasp social cues. Your higher levels of testosterone also make you much more violent, stupid, aggressive, volatile, moody and reckless.

      Why do you think there are 10X more men in prison than women?
      Why are men more likely to be deadbeats than women?
      Why are men more likely to be rapists and pedos than women?
      Why do men constantly start dictatorships, wars and genocides all over the world?

      Because your TESTOSTERONE makes you intellectually inferior. It’s a scientific fact.

      Deal with it, retard. Or in your white trash lingo: Cryin’ and moanin’ ain’t gonna make you none smarter!!

    • heather

      frackin LMAO

  3. No, NO!
    You’ve got The Crane all WRONG, miss!!

  4. m

    “its in the genes”
    the way you said that made it sound like you actually think genes predispose people to certain specific acts like a computer program does for a pc or something…..
    you say as if its something pseudo-scientific take on fate…..

    let me guess…you think 1+1=3 , the world is flat and or evolution theory purposes we came from monkeys

    i love people who “educate” themselves by “researching” stuff via pop-culture

    @college Girl

    there were plenty of female rulers who started wars, ruined empires by having incestuous relationships with their sons.

    implying one sex is intellectually inferior does not make you sound any smarter
    “its been scientifically proven”…uhmmm…no ….feminism is in a postmodern limbo and no one is claiming any absolute truth about the sexes regardless of how scientific data can be reduced, presented and interpreted.
    also….you are using the term “gender” as if it referred to sex—male and female..
    gender—-is a role/act that people adopt/play out
    i know you are a intellectually superior woman armed with indisputable scientific truth …but next time check what a word means before you start using it to bash someone with your pseudo-intellectual/undergrad hissy fits.

    nothing dumber than B average university undergrad.
    given every oppertunity, they are never the toughest kids in highschool nor the smartest afterwards… despite being intellectually and physically average at best, they relish in their B average mediocrity and by using words like “stupid” ,”educated”, and push the boundaries of irony.

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