1. Joe J

    *crosses fingers*

    Come on Darwin. Prove all of those Christian fundamentalists wrong.

  2. Mashara

    Janeane Garofalo convinced someone to have sex with her?

  3. Spocktopus

    She’s a teen mom on a reality show. What did you expect? A fucking rocket scientist?

  4. that’s smart….smoking while pumping gas. lol

  5. Lindsay

    Teen Mom: Chlorinating the gene pool since 2009!

  6. Kbaad

    Are you sure she is on Teen Mom? I think the MTV show she should have auditioned for is Jackass.

  7. lol

    yup very smart. smoking while getting gas.

  8. eidnam

    and this, kids, is why god actually invented abortions.

  9. poopsmith

    oh my god what a dumbass

  10. Jill Ess

    Inspired by Ellen Page

  11. I'm on my Period.

    Abortions; why the fuck aren’t people taking advantage of them? I had one 3 years ago it really wasn’t that bad.

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