1. Colin

    Nipples are always good. In fact, let’s just forget the whole costume thing. Nudity would be appreciated.

  2. Kel

    Why does he look so emaciated?

  3. “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow…connection……the lovers…the Avengers…….and….me.”

  4. luciddreamer99

    There she is…Miss America!

  5. ernkaiju

    I wish they’d have left the fake muscles in the suit instead of thinking he can carry this costume in his natural state.

  6. Isnt Captain America supposed to be the epitome of human physical conditioning?? A Super Soldier? this guy looks like he has a hard time pulling the fridge door open

  7. D-chi

    Why so pale, Cap?

  8. Outspoken

    This really is the most pathetic Captain America costume I have ever seen! A five year old could put together something better with blue cardboard, glue, and a pair of safety scissors.

  9. andreabeth

    I agree. The entire cast looks like they are a bunch of High School students putting on a play at one of those Art In the Park things.

  10. Stanley Lieber

    Evans thinking “One and a half movies down. Four and a half to go. Damn!!”

  11. AbsoluteDasani

    The Avengers and the JLA were the hero icons but this, this shit blows worse than a chick with braces…

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