1. Behind every gender-repressed guido posing with terrified animals, there’s a little grey cat saying it all with its eyes.

  2. guttboy

    It’s a pity his Grandparents didn’t follow the advice of this poster and sterilize their children so we wouldn’t have been afflicted with this stain of a Human.

  3. Which is exactly why I’ve been saying that Chinese restaurants are doing the Lord’s work.

  4. psychoace

    There are more cats in shelters then in homes because they bang to damn much. We need to kill more to thin out the population or acquire more crazy cat ladies with 300 cats per room.

    • psychoace

      Also spaying or neutering your cat/dog is mutilating them and obviously would be considered abuse. Peta is for animal cruelty here.

  5. I thought as a society, we enjoyed giving gorillas pet kittens. Remember Koko?

  6. MaxPower

    His agent must have tricked him. ‘Sitch baby… I got a great gig for ya, you’re gonna be surrounded by pussy man! I think one of them will even let you hold it up against your chest!’

  7. I cannot imagine a more effective ad to promote neutering.

  8. Monty83

    Can you put hemorrhoid cream on your arms?

  9. SamJo

    Hey, now let’s think about this….this could be THE poster for multi-species sterilization. Gawd that cat looks terrified!

  10. Yomamma

    what a putz

  11. Bionic_Crouton


  12. Raaaaaa

    i know arm pimples are a sign of steroid use, but how is it possible to get pimples inside your veins?!

  13. greer

    what a pussy.

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