1. There once was a man named John Hamm.
    Who approached and said, “Howdy ma’am.”
    His pants showed his head,
    And he motioned and said,
    “Let me slide into your clam.”

  2. henry hill

    oh, now he’s just showing off!

  3. Bionic_Crouton

    He just carries around the water bottle to give people a size comparison.

  4. neo

    OH NO! NOT AGAIN!! It boggles the mind!! (pro tip: briefs not boxers, you Jew!!)

    • Whaaa? Jon Hamm is not Jewish. Where did you even get that idea?* I mean, even his last name is trayf.

      *Is it because he’s circumcised? Most American men are, Jewish or not.

  5. Little Tongue

    Those trousers are so thin that you can actually tell that the dude wearing them is circumsized (and you don’t even need the zoom thingy to see it!). Boggles my mind. Seriously.

  6. CuriousTroll

    Dude, please. Stop showing your dick ffs.

  7. cardsfan

    forget the penis…he’s a Cardinals fan!!!

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