1. Cock Dr


  2. Jack Ketch

    Geez, time for some fresh fat injections … that ass isn’t looking as big as usual. Someone please tell this bitch that skinny leather pants look like hell on her. Gah.

  3. dotmatrix

    Kudos! You never get to see so many bad and insulting puns in such a small space.

  4. Isa


  5. A lot of lube was needed to get her into thouse.

  6. Those pants are made of the foreskin of her former partners.

  7. Biff

    That’s pretty disgusting. What a lard ass. Why do they even get noticed?

  8. Snack pack

    One of the best comments of the year.

  9. Debutante

    WOW !! That is one bad choice of an outfit ! The hair doesn’t help either ! YIKES !

  10. DKNY

    Is she supposed to be a Storm Trooper for Halloween?

  11. she looks like a balloon animal

  12. BigDaddy

    Her ass is bigger than her bag.

  13. M

    Cows with buns…

  14. poop butt

    best comment on this site to date

  15. what a fat ass, how the fuck does she think she looks good in those pants? creep.

  16. Chiquita

    She had to get big implants on her chest to try and balance out her big fat ass. Now her boobs look bovine too.

  17. lk

    that was freaking fantastic, genius if you will

  18. Bigalkie

    Good one Dreg!

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