1. Larry McCurley


    What sane, heterosexual man wouldn’t wanna have sex with this woman?

    • What sane, heterosexual man wouldn’t have wanted to have sex with this woman 10 years ago?

      Fixed it. Fully accelerated middle age pear matched with marriage bio clock craziness, not so much.

  2. YTBOY

    Awesome beauty!!

  3. This one made me very happy. :D

  4. mavisdavis

    The ass says ‘kardashian’.

    The purse says ‘colorblind.’

  5. this broad was never attractive

  6. Skeeter

    I want to see her spreading her cheeks and taking it in the ass with those juicy tits flopping around.

  7. P

    Face was never good and is even worse now. Body used to be good….now it just looks bloated and spongy. Overall, NO.

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